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Hot Bunnies NFT Disrupts NFT Space, Opens Members-Only Club for Exclusive Global Parties

Hot Bunnies NFT is completely disrupting the entire NFT industry, as it innovatively creates digital art investment opportunities while simultaneously giving holders exclusive access to a private party members club. Being one of the first to launch such a concept, the NFT collection could potentially equal the prominence of the Playboy Mansion but take it into the digital space.

Hot Bunnies NFT and the Hot Bunnies Club was founded by Marco Stefan, who said that owning NFTS is like owning a painting but paves the way for one to take a piece of today’s blockchain technology. Hot Bunnies comprises 9,696 unique NFTs that aim to dominate the Solana blockchain. The collection was designed by one of today’s most talented artists in the NFT landscape, Letarovic, who is also the co-founder of the tokens. Together, Marco Stefan and Letarovic created works of art that embodied their vision to create a virtual world filled with irresistibly beautiful characters.

Hot Bunners NFT is made possible by a team that refers to themselves as the Bunny Palace. Led by Marco Stefan, the Bunny Palace is throwing four exclusive parties annually held in different locations across the globe. The first private event to welcome holders will be held in Miami in January of 2022, and the upcoming party is already creating a buzz in the NFT community.

“Exclusivity, privacy, security, and entertainment never seen before ae the key principles of the Bunny Palace experience with mandatory non-disclosure agreements signed before attendee combined with a strict no-phone policy for all guests,” Marco Stefan explained when asked what separates the Hot Bunnies Club from the rest. “What happens at the Bunny Palace stays at the Bunny Palace. Our guest list will consist of a wide variety of models, influencers, celebrities, but most importantly, qualified Hot Bunnies NFT HODLers,” the founder added further.

To be a member of the highly-anticipated Hot Bunnies Club, holders will need to own at least two of the 200 Golden Key Hot Bunnies NFTs. The founders have also limited the number of private members to 100 people to maintain the club’s exclusivity. As Marco Stefan explained, the quest to obtain two Golden Key Hot Bunnies will indeed be challenging for collectors. But the founder and his team are confident that the tokens will sell out in no time as they ensure that the Hot Bunnies Club will organize the most epic private parties in invigorating venues worldwide.

“The goal is to build something that has never been done before in the crypto and NFT space,” explained Marco Stefan. “A unique experience where your attendance and membership to exclusive private events essentially are fueled by the blockchain. This has never been done before in the NFT space, where one can unlock their access to invite-only, high-profile events around the globe by owning pieces from a digital NFT collection. The Hot Bunnies Club will be announcing the exact place and time of its first private party in Miami in December 2021. To learn more about Hot Bunnies NFT, visit its website, Instagram, and Discord server.

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