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Horror Fellas NFT Is a Horrifically Exciting Project in the Solana Blockchain

The recent rise of NFTs has brought about multiple tokens that can elicit varying degrees of excitement to investors worldwide. However, none of the projects in the market is as heart-pumping as a horror movie, but all of that is about to change with the Horror Fellas NFT. The token brings Horror Pop Culture’s most iconic characters with the promise of an Augmented Reality feature in the near future.

Horror Fellas brings an entirely different concept to the NFT market, bringing the world’s most frightening horror movie characters to the Solana blockchain. The NFT collection features 10,000 unique and distinct tokens that pay tribute to the world’s most iconic horror characters in the realm of popular culture.

“We are avid fans of horror themes and are tired of seeing the trivial and joyful collections on the marketplace,” states the NFT’s official website. “Pixel art and cute animals are not about us! So instead, our artists work day and night to create infrequent and frightening characters for you.” The team behind Horror Fellas also released YouTube videos showcasing how the NFT artworks came to life. 

Part of the community’s roadmap is the creation of a platform where social media users can take a photo or video with their NFT in augmented reality, which will be made available to all future holders in Phase 4 of the community-building stage of the project as the team releases filters and an AR App that holders can use to bring the horror characters to the real-world. 

Horror Fellas currently has an extensive roster of horror movie characters such as Candyman from the 1992 horror movie of the same name, Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Jack Torrance from the “Shining”, Sadako Yamamura from “The Ring,” Pennywise from “It,” Chuck from “Child’s Play,” and many more.

The mint will start at 1.2 SOL per token as soon as it goes live, which should translate to $265. The team behind Horror Fellas highly recommends using the Phantom wallet. Others may opt to use the wallet as well. 

Overall, Horror Fellas is poised to bring the joy of horror pop culture to a community of like-minded individuals. More information will be released as the project winds down to a full launch. More characters will also be released in the near future, adding to the roster of the already iconic lineup of the project.

Horror Fellas has gained a lot of buzz online and offline despite production still ramping up towards a full release. It has even gained the attention of social media icons like Arman Izadi, who has taken to Twitter to talk about the collection. Izadi is a lover of all things art, which is obvious when you look through his Instagram, and his support for the project shows how promising the collection is. 

Currently, the project’s official Twitter account has over 3,200 followers, which continues to grow with each passing day. 30% of the proceeds for the project will be dedicated to marketing and the further development of Phases 2 and 3. At the same time, 20% will be donated to a charity of the community’s choosing.

Horror Fellas is a horrifically exciting NFT project that is set to revolutionize the industry and foster a community of horror fans all across the world.

To know more about the Horror Fellas NFT, visit the official website and follow the official Twitter account.