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Hoodpunks on Supporting the BLM Movement and Changing the World One NFT at a Time

Digital currencies and the blockchain are often understood in the context of wealth generation. As a result, countless people have braved the complexities of the digital asset industry in the hopes of securing a financially stable future through strategic investment and by wielding the power of cryptocurrency. However, while it is inarguable that blockchain technology can be utilized for financially motivated endeavors, it is also undeniable that it has served as a tool for driving social change and promoting advocacies. In particular, NFTs have emerged as another way to send across powerful messages. Hoodpunks, a collection whose proceeds will go toward various Black Lives Matter charities, proves a testament to the extent to which today’s digital innovations and advancements can be applied in the social sector. 

In the months since non-fungible tokens gained considerable momentum, a long list of ventures have introduced their signature collections, many of which were born out of the goal to make a difference and impact communities for the better. While Hoodpunks is not the first—or the last—NFT collection to explode into the scene, it is definitely one of the standouts this year as it aims to further a movement dedicated to fighting racism and police brutality against Black people. 

Widely heralded as the largest movement in US History, with over fifteen million people participating in protests pushing for justice and equality, the Black Lives Matter movement has spawned a global network and continues to call for reforms. Hoodpunks is among the thousands of initiatives, ventures, and individuals who are supporting this social cause. By tapping into an industry that is set to grow more in prominence in the years to come and banking on the popularity of non-fungible tokens, the minds behind the NFT collection are going all-out in their mission. 

Boasting 25 unique collectible characters, Hoodpunks is expected to make waves during its launch. Even before minting day, this collection of 10,000 NFTs has already captured the interest of many enthusiasts and is backed by a roster of influencers, including Ally Lotti, Kushpapi, and MostlyLuca. 

Right now, Hoodpunks is religiously following the roadmap it has planned for the drop of all its African-American characters. The team at the helm of the collection is also in the midst of developing a crypto-based play-to-earn game whose in-game currency will translate to real bucks. 

Scheduled to launch this week, Hoodpunks is looking forward to the success of its minting day. Currently, its dedicated community has gained over 10,000 members, all of which are excited to not only own a one-of-a-kind asset but also contribute to the BLM movement. With their involvement, they make it possible for various non-profits and other organizations that will become the recipients of Hoodpunks’ pledges to remain in the fight against racism. 

More can be expected from Hoodpunks in the coming months. Spearheaded by go-getters who are willing to go the extra mile, it is bound to gain the attention of like-minded individuals who are passionate about social change.

Learn more about Hoodpunks by visiting its website and Twitter page. 

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