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Highly Anticipated Bad Astro Society NFT Takes Investors to the Moon, Literally

Outer space is humanity’s new frontier. With the rapid technological progress that our society has experienced over the years, space travel is no longer a thing of the past. In the same vein, the renowned Bad Astro Society is ushering in a new age of possibilities through its highly anticipated NFT project. Boasting immense value, utility, and longevity, this NFT is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. 

The Bad Astro Society NFT is a collection of unique digital art pieces fostering a community that likes to have fun and set outrageous but attainable goals. Each digital art piece serves as a club membership to the Bad Astro Society and grants prospective holders exclusive access to events, merchandise and a plethora of game-changing incentives. However, the real value of the token lies in getting to experience the wonders of outer space in this lifetime. 

Bad Astro Society is setting its sights on purchasing a ticket to real-life outer space by 2030 for all its 10,000 members. Today, the highly coveted ticket can only be afforded by the ultra-wealthy, but with this renowned NFT project, anything is possible. “We want to use the NFT and crypto market to work for the members rather than just the founders,” explained the project creators. Each digital art piece in the Bad Astro Society collection features over 150 hand-drawn traits unique from each other. 

The main character of the art features an everyday person wearing one of four different types of astronaut suits. The designs range from the regular Astro suit, pimp suit, hoodie, and gorilla, each with an array of different colors and patterns that make each token entirely unique. The digital art pieces also have ten different background variations, which communicate differing circumstances.

Furthermore, to diversify the tokens, each token holds an object that communicates something fun, larger than life, and or history-altering concepts. The objects in hand range from planets, heavenly bodies, a bitcoin, a rainbow, and many more unique designs. “The point here is to communicate that you can own your future regardless of your circumstances. You can overcome and join those who have risen above their hardships, and now do whatever they want, like go to space,” shared the founders. 

The Bad Astro Society NFT hopes to benefit NFT enthusiasts and crypto communities with the purchasing power to mint their highly coveted NFTs— more specifically, people involved in Ethereum and Ethereum NFTs. “The reason is we will be minting in ETH, and we want to target people who have the funds available and have purchased NFTs before. They are savvy with tech, already understand the process, and are looking for good NFT projects to purchase/be involved in,” explained the project developers.  

Ultimately, there are no other NFT projects out there that can provide the tremendous value and utility that only the Bad Astro Society NFT offers. Featuring breathtaking digital art pieces that employ a feeling of fun, freedom, and creativity, the Bad Astro Society is poised to bring its many potential holders to the moon and back– literally.

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