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Here’s What Dj Chris Angel Did to Turn His Life Around and Become the Artist He Is Now

Dj Chris Angel had been through situations he thought he couldn’t overcome. Yet, what he did to become who he is now has changed his life completely, and he wanted to let others know how to do it too.

When you think about it, not everyone has been born in an environment where you can focus on learning the things you need to learn to become a better adult. Dj Chris Angel was forced to endure his teenage years working instead of studying and enjoying his youth. When he was 14 years old, he worked at a coffee shop watering plants. Later, at 16, he would juggle both high school and work. He then worked at a fast food joint while selling CDs at a music store. While his situation seems like it’s gonna go on forever, he thought otherwise and knew he needed to do something to change his life.

The moment he realized this, he planned out how to save his meager income. The money he then saved up will then be used to buy music equipment and old records to start learning scratching. Even while he found something that would make him feel like he’s only a teenager playing football, he would find himself passing up football practice to head to work. “I remembered my coach would yell, ‘Hey Magic Man, where are you going?’,” Dj Chris Angel narrated. “Heading to work, coach,” he responds. At that time, he had long hair, and someone on his team called him Chris Angel, who would, later on, become his moniker, hence, Dj Chris Angel.

Dj Chris Angel would attribute the changes to his life to 10 powerful pieces of advice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to invest in your ideas
  2. Set a budget for your releases
  3. Read more and always stay hungry for information
  4. Stay away from negative people who don’t see your dream as important
  5. A quote from the great Joe Rogan, “Live your life as if you had a film crew documenting your success.”
  6. Don’t rush your success. My dad once told me, “Son, even a 1,000-mile trip begins with 1 step.”
  7. Failure is ok regardless of who’s watching
  8. Empower others who need you, most of your fans you probably don’t know personally.
  9. No such thing as “losses,” only lessons 
  10. Repeat tips 1-9 until you become successful to your standards

His life is a testament that anything is possible. He wanted to show others, especially his fans, that your situation is only temporary. 

With his career in his music, he is inspired by his fans and listeners who are looking forward to the music he creates. This became a huge impact on his creative process that he actually created a song based on his fan’s name. 

At the moment, Dj Chris Angel is making diverse music. He describes it as “something you haven’t heard before.” For him, it’s all about making music with a unique style inspired by other music genres he enjoys. Finally, he looks forward to making music and performing alongside other artists he looks up to in the future.

To learn more about Dj Chris Angel, follow him on Instagram.

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