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Goat Society NFT Gears Up to Release Season Two Following the Stellar Performance of Its First Collection

Due to the overflowing amount of NFT projects in the crypto space, one can rarely find an extremely successful NFT community. However, the GOAT Society has surpassed expectations and spectacularly established itself as a highly coveted collection after selling out in record time in just under five minutes.

The initial collection included 9,000 custom generative GOATs and 1,000 unique hand-drawn GOATs. Each goat is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The eye-catching, highly detailed designs were made by gifted artist 4FUN, who created every GOAT from pen and pad before translating them into digital mediums. His brand, 4FUN and friends has been gaining traction in the NFT World.

On top of its excellent artwork, what makes GOAT Society unique is its backstory concept which has captivated all kinds of NFT enthusiasts and collectors. Its lore is set in the Great World, a society ruled by the great god Bleat. After the last herd war came to a bloody end, all of the mighty heroes of the Great World disappeared. As such, there is no one left to lead and inspire goatkind. Bleat took pity and intervened; he amassed his energy to blur the lines separating worlds and opened a rift — summoning the Greatest of All Times or GOATs from Earth who will help rebuild the world.

In addition to its remarkable storyline, holding a GOAT Society NFT also yields numerous rewards. First off, each token holder will become part of the Herd, an exclusive community with members from a diverse range of communities. They have constant AMAs (ask me anything) educating people about NFTs, blockchain, crypto and much more. They have bonus aid drops of collab art rewarded to its holders as well.

Subsequently, herd members will receive benefits like access to big events like sports games, academy awards, concerts, and many more. In addition, there are daily giveaways and other exciting activities, which maintains a high engagement from the community.

When asked to share what they think separates them from other NFT collections, the creators of the GOAT Society proudly replied, “We sold out 10,000 units worth 3.2 million dollars in 5 minutes. Over the last two months, we built a bustling, active, supportive community of 35,000 engaged Discord members.”

They went on to add, “Most projects are known for paying off celebrities, rappers, influencers etc. We built our community and gained celebrity support organically, having people like Waka Flocka, and Master P, and De’Aaron Fox along with other A-list celebrities and athletes.”

With a plan to keep the momentum going, this project is gearing up and preparing to release season two, wherein more drops and exciting collections will be available for token holders as well as other NFT enthusiasts and collectors who wish to become part of the rapidly growing community.

Find out more about the GOAT Society NFT collection by checking out its official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also join in the community discussions on its dedicated Discord server.