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Global DCA Continues to Solidify Global Footprint as Premier Self-Regulatory Association Focused on Inclusivity and Stewardship

When will regulations be put in place? To whom will they apply? What will they require? These are the types of questions that are brought up again and again when cryptocurrency is discussed. Furthermore, experts continue to feel that the lack of adequate answers is stunting the growth of the crypto market and keeping the innovative technology from experiencing mainstream adoption.

While many in the industry wait anxiously for regulatory bodies to respond, Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association is taking action. Launched in October 2020, Global DCA serves the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry by guiding the development of a regulatory framework that builds trust, fosters market integrity, and maximizes economic opportunity.

This month, Global DCA took a major step toward solidifying its global footprint as a premier self-regulatory association by naming Gabriella Kusz as its new CEO. Gabriella, who is one of the co-founders of Global DCA, brings 20 years of financial services public policy experience to her new position, as well as a proven track record of putting sustainable programming innovations into effect at government agencies and self-regulatory entities globally.

“I am extremely excited that Gabriella accepted the position of CEO of the Global DCA,” stated Renata Szkoda, who serves as Board Chair for Global DCA. “She has been an integral part of the organization from its very origin. Her extensive experience in international policy, as well as deep industry knowledge, make Gabriella uniquely positioned to further solidify Global DCA’s presence as a thought leader, and a mature and responsible voice for the digital assets industry.”

Gabriella, who was appointed to her new position via unanimous decision, will take the lead in implementing the association’s strategic plan to develop industry standards and best practices, and to implement education and certification programs to build human capacity. She will also drive Global DCA’s efforts to advocate for a public policy and regulatory environment that facilitates innovation, along with protecting consumers, stakeholders, and the broader public interest worldwide.

“Members of the Global DCA are represented as stakeholders under one association — one member, one vote — and I am honored and proud to be their collective voice, and serve this organization in my formal capacity as CEO,” declared Gabriella. “Our stakeholders represent the pinnacle of inclusivity, ranging from small to large-sized firms across five continents, from novice digital asset participants all the way through to experienced thought leaders. I want each and every one of them to know that I will helm this organization with the public’s interest in mind, and that I will continue to galvanize community engagement — a core principle of decentralized financial thinking — both within and beyond the association as we collectively shape the direction of the digital asset industry. I am proud to lead the Global DCA not as a facade of governance, but as a credible steward of the highest ethical and technical standards.”

The Global DCA grew out of an interest group formed by financial markets veterans from the Chicago trading community who shared a desire to explore the opportunities afforded by blockchain technology. As the appeal of blockchain and its applications in the financial industry have grown, so has Global DCA’s membership. Today, it represents more than 70 members and works in partnership with 15 industry organizations across the globe. Its broad-based membership includes exchanges, proprietary trading firms, traders, investors, asset managers, brokerage firms, FCMs, custodians, decentralized technology organizations, banks, legal firms, audit firms, insurance professionals, academics, consultants, and media representatives.
By adhering to a carefully crafted set of guiding principles, Global DCA has been successful at bringing together and achieving agreement among its diverse membership base. These principles include taking a holistic view toward transformative technology, espousing the belief that self-regulation provides effective coverage for the blockchain industry, and advocating for regulation that is balanced, “right-sized,” and applied with a “building blocks” approach.

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