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GAMERS NFTS Launches a Dedicated Collection Inspired by Gaming Trends and Pop Culture

The gaming community is home to diverse individuals across the globe, and they are among the first to enter the digital frontier years before the general public even saw its value. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS) have been rising in popularity and influence over the years, and they have played an instrumental role in the gaming world. On a mission to provide gamers with an NFTS collection that embodies their values and culture, a group of creatives launches GAMERS NFTS. The project aims to be the pride of the gaming community, giving avid and passionate gamers an opportunity to own digital assets that would represent them in the digital space. 

GAMERS takes inspiration from over 100 references from various gaming trends, gaming terms, gaming and Web3 pop culture, and so much more. The creators of the collection wanted to create something gamers would be proud of, a project that would embody the true heart and soul of the gaming industry.

“Gaming is endlessly abundant, and we wanted to capture the entire space with this collection. Our team has spent the last four months detailing and analyzing each trait to assure that all of our community members love their GAMERS on mint day,” the creators said. “While we are, of course, biased, we believe the Takeover Headset, Diamond Bullet-Proof Vest, Rainbow Unicorn Dreads, and AFK Skin will be extremely sought-after. With over 200+ traits, there will be so many rare combinations that the community will decide what they believe to be the best ones,” they added further. 

GAMERS NFTS is made for gamers of all ages. The collection offers tributes to some of the most well-loved games in history.

“Our collection has something that gamers can relate to over multiple generations of gaming! Owners of GAMERS NFTS will become certified beta testers of our gamer-centric, Web3 platform set to launch in 2022,” the creators revealed. “Our community will play an extremely important role by providing feedback from their experiences on the platform. Considering our collection size, we expect to have over 5,000 gamers from all over the world, producing true value to the platform,” they added further.

GAMERS NFTS aims to provide holders with stunning art that will represent them well across various platforms. In addition, the artworks themselves are perfect characters that could represent gamers in their communities. After releasing a teaser of the characters, the project gained more traction and garnered support from eager investors who have already joined its Discord server.

“While some of these references will be obvious when the art is revealed, there are plenty that will take the community a second look to make the connection. We also made sure to include references from all types of gaming, such as console, PC, mobile, VR, etc. Our art was also designed to be the perfect gamer pics for whatever platform you choose. We plan to be the first verified NFTS collection on Xbox and Playstation. We look forward to hearing back from the community on what their personal favorites are and what we could’ve added,” the creators explained. 

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