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Funky Bunnies NFT Pushes the Boundaries of the Metaverse Bringing Its Community Into a Rabbit Hole of Potential

The massive rise of the NFT industry has seen unprecedented success across a wide variety of projects. NFT holders, investors, and enthusiasts have been reaping the rewards of their investments, allowing them to get exclusive access to niche communities with like-minded individuals and accrue potential valuation through their token collections. Suffice to say, there is still so much that needs to be explored within the industry, and the Funky Bunnies NFT is here to prove that.

The Funky Bunnies NFT stands at the top of the list when it comes to the most highly anticipated NFTs in the market. The tokens aren’t the usual PFPs that have oversaturated the market in recent memory. The renowned NFT project features a scarce lineup of tokens that comes along with a funky emotion attached to them.

The development team has been adamant about sharing the project’s roadmap along with its floor-friendly mechanisms that have never been seen before within the space. The team is also setting up a Web3 Innovation Brand, which will bring in several things and utilities for prospective holders. Some of these features include custom uploads for its NFT Merchandise Store and Web3.0 Coaching Platform at later phases. Early access and discounts to all holders will also be given down the line. 

Esteemed artist AllenxRoot is in charge of giving life to these digital art pieces through his wildly unique art style. The Funky Bunnies NFT will have an initial drop of 3,333 unique three-dimensionally rendered tokens.

“We want to offer the community something more than the art and the utility, a kind of emotion,” said one of the Funky Bunnies creators. “It is not just a PFP art or some collection with utility; it will further develop into a Web3 Innovation brand; therefore, the people who seek value addition with some good art are the ones who will be our target,” he added.

The project roadmap has highlighted some of the preliminary phases, which will involve the continuous improvement of the digital art pieces. The final drop is scheduled at the end of Q1 2022. Prospective holders will then be able to participate in the project’s upcoming NFT Merchandise store, which will include Web3 integration.

What this means is that holders can simply upload photos of their NFTs, and they will receive the same NFT design on any sort of merchandise such as headphones, t-shirts, key chains, framed posters, and many more.

The emerging NFT project is truly unique because of the creators’ transparency, support, and communication. Furthermore, 10% of the total proceeds of the project will be kept as a reserve for upcoming NFT projects.

Ultimately, the Funky Bunnies NFT project hopes to capture a young demographic that is interested in three-dimensionally rendered digital art pieces that come with unique and funky designs. NFT enthusiasts who are adamant about collecting tokens with floor-friendly mechanisms, longevity, and a fluid project roadmap are feverishly waiting in anticipation for this up-and-coming funky project.

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