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Fully Animated Multiverse Project, Galaxy Invaders, Prepares for Launch

Over the past years, the phenomenal rise of cryptocurrencies has opened up an era of possibilities; and NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are riding on the crest of this new technology. From art to music and tokenized images, these digital assets represent the new way for artists to provide distinct art pieces that have real value and cash in on their work. One such NFT is  Galaxy Invaders, a one-of-a-kind art piece centered around the multiverse and aliens. 

Galaxy  Invaders is a unique project based on the story of Galaxy Invaders Gang, a group of technologically advanced civilizations using RUST technology and powered by ETH. However, their technological ascension has depleted resources in their galaxy, and they now face the threat of extinction. To survive, these cute yet deadly groups of aliens have to invade other surrounding galaxies and pillage their resources for themselves to survive. 

Besides being the first NFT to offer the metaverse complete with animated assets and backgrounds, Galaxy Invaders also boasts of 10,000 2D animated artwork developed with Rust on the Ethereum blockchain. In preparation for their invasion quest, these deadly aliens have managed to collect some rare technological pieces found only on the far reaches of their system. Additionally, the Galaxy Invaders will have a total of over 120 different items that they will equip in random combinations to assist them on their quest.

The developers behind Galaxy Invaders have stated that their project is heavily committed to creating a utility-based token to give its holders as many benefits as possible. They also outlined how they want to build a strong community of NFT enthusiasts who share the same interests and forge lifelong friendships through the Galaxy Gang social media pages and Discord server through a remarkably outlined roadmap. 

The roadmap is broken down into four phases and a pre-launch campaign. During the pre-launch campaign, the creators of the project, Outfoxed and Cannaesita, will conduct an initial marketing campaign where members can ask any questions regarding the collectibles. Phase one of the roadmap will be deemed completed when 25% of the artwork has been sold. Additionally, the pieces have been featured on, a website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs and getting verified on OpenSea.IO, as well as partnering with other NFTs.

Furthermore, the developers are also keen on working on subsequent projects such as the Invader Gang Armada and Invader Gang Immigration. Both will be airdropped to Galaxy Invader token holders while also giving back to the community by partnering with charitable organizations. 

The Galaxy Invaders project will be launched on the 29th of November, and individuals interested in the Galaxy Gang and their multiverse exploits are in for a fun event organized by the team and get exclusive access into the high tech world of the Galaxy Invaders. To learn more about Galaxy Invaders by visiting its official website. You can also visit its Twitter page and join in on the community discussion through its Discord server.

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