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Forever Pets: Brand-New Hand-Drawn Pet Token

No doubt NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been one of the hottest topics in the tech space this year. The most interesting thing about NFTs is that they have been around for as long as a cryptocurrency but only started gaining worldwide popularity and momentum in early 2021. The success and continued growth of the early NFT projects have reposed confidence in the space and have culminated into several more projects with different aims, objectives, and goals. 

Not only can NFTs be tradeable on decentralized exchanges, but they also serve a different function compared to cryptocurrencies. Unlike cryptocurrency because of their reliance and use of Blockchains, each token has an individualized purpose which may vary depending on what it’s being used for; like signed trading cards or paintings by old masters—these are all unique pieces with one-of-a-kind features that cannot be reproduced without authorization from the creator(s).

The NFT (non-fungible token) industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with projects creating collections of tokens that can be used for various purposes. These are most popular among creative works like digital art and video clips; other types include music recordings or social media posts. The upcoming Forever Pets project will soon join this ranks when they release their own line featuring cute animal characters.

Forever Pets is the newest project to join our community. Like many NFT projects, Forever Pet’s are digital art tokens that celebrate your pet. The brand was designed as a way for holders of pets to bring their furry friends with them everywhere they go so they never feel far away from home—even when on vacation or out in public!

Unlike other NFT collections that generate random tokens for holders, Forever Pets is taking a different route by hand drawing the holder’s pets. “Our NFT is 100% handmade to each holder,” they shared. “The artwork caters towards the holders and their pets. If you have a turtle, fish, dog, cat, horse, zebra, monkey, etc. Anything we will hand draw it and reveal them all at once.”

As an NFT project, Forever Pets wanted to break away from the normal business model that other NFT collections were using. “We feel those pet holders will benefit the most from our NFTs,” they said. Forever Pets can be minted at .16 ETH, a reasonable price for NFT tokens that are being hand-drawn. The Forever Pets NFT is drawn via Procreate on an iPad 

Prospective holders will have to implement DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) so they can select the background color for their tokens. Creators of Forever Pets want everyone in this project, even those without pets or animals. The identities are verified through a bot that checks if you’re actually holding some form of cryptocurrency before sending out links where we ask about what kind and how many pets are being uploaded. If approved, then voila: owners get designated spots on an interactive map with more information than ever before available online regarding these furry friends worldwide. One unique aspect is providing photo submissions from Discord users who own FPPs, which includes verifying whether it’s legit by running against blockchain records.

Forever Pets is a revolutionary NFT project that enables holders to feel even closer with their pets when they’re not in the same room. The team has developed an app and will be rewarding long-term holders by providing them canvas paintings of their animal companions, making it easier for everyone who loves dogs or cats alike.

Learn more about Forever Pets by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Twitter or joining their Discord server.

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