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Flying High: Meet the Exclusive New Cannabis NFT Project Made for the Digital Community

The creative minds behind a leading legal adult-use cannabis multi-state operator are launching an exclusive NFT project. It’s going to be lit. Read on for all the sticky details.

The brilliant minds behind Phat Panda are introducing their unique NFT project — Phat Pandaz. The Phat Pandaz project centers around the introduction of a unique collection of 9898 Pandaz NFTs that will live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain.  “Our vision at Phat Panda is to contribute to the cannabis space by challenging ourselves to bring inspiration and innovation to this industry. We are achieving this every day by blending the most advanced growing techniques with state-of-the-art technology and bringing our customers the best products,” they shared.

By owning a Pandaz, the art collector is owning a piece of the cannabis community and much more. The NFT holder will have the opportunity to participate in an ever-evolving Web 3.0 community that we’ve dubbed the “PandaVerse.”

At the center of this community will be the premium PandaVerse Discord, a safe zone for Pandaz to exchange ideas on cannabis and non-cannabis topics. Every quarter, Pandaz will be invited to an open PandaVerse forum to discuss new ideas for the broader Phat Panda brand. They’ll also participate in an open forum (and possibly voting) on what new strains Phat Panda should cultivate and bring into their mother room.

Of the 9898 Pandaz, 20 Platinum Pandaz will be revealed—22 in total, with two belonging to the Founders in commemoration of the project. Platinum holders will be able to claim virtual Seedz on the first of every month, starting on March 1st, 2022. Seedz are virtual assets that can be used in a few ways:

» Redeem for real Seedz (partnership with

» Burn (virtually) in exchange for a Red or Trash Pandaz (higher-value, far more exclusive NFTs)

Every quarter, starting on July 1st, 2022, any Phat Pandaz NFT holder who has held their Pandaz for 90 days or more will have a 22.5% chance of randomly claiming Fertilizer, Coco Cube, or more Seedz. That’s great news because you need all three to take full advantage of the Big Burn.

Here’s where things get interesting. In addition to Pandaz, the team will mint Red Pandaz and Trash Pandaz, custom and rare burn morphs. The former will be very, very limited (and very, very difficult to obtain). The latter will be extremely rare—nearly impossible to get (but not quite).

To even have a chance, NFT holders will need to collect virtual Seedz, Coco Cubes, and Fertilizer to burn together to obtain a virtual plant. Then, the holder will have the option to burn their virtual plant with a Pandaz to make a Red Pandaz.

The reason that the Trash Pandaz burn morph is so rare is because the holder will need to burn a Red Pandaz and another plant to obtain it. The first 25 people to achieve Trash Pandaz status will work directly with our team to build out their custom NFT. They’ll also receive a custom 18×24 printed with archival ink on museum-quality paper—signed, framed, and shipped to their doorstep.

All Pandaz will be eligible for staking. Those that opt to stake their NFTs will be rewarded with PandaTokens, which are part of a project and website to be revealed in 2022. In addition, Pandaz holders will have first rights to whitelist and mint future NFT projects released under other Phat Panda brands (Sticky Frog, Hot Sugar, etc).

To learn more about Phat Pandaz, utility, roadmap, and its community, please visit the links below:

Official Website –

Discord –

Twitter –

Instagram –

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