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$FINU Is Here and This Is Why You Need to “Be the First”

Another dog-inspired cryptocurrency called $FINU or FirstInu token is here but this time around, it’s the first-ever to help crypto investors and stakers to claim and invest in tokens from safe, trusted upcoming projects that have massive potential.

Cryptocurrency can be a volatile and speculative investment in general but investors who stake their $FINU tokens on FirstInu’s up and coming Decentralized Application (or DAPP) get the chance to “be the first” to invest in potentially life changing opportunities. 

This time, FirstInu is revolutionizing the way crypto works by allowing even non-tech savvy investors and stakers to be part of the digital surge of crypto assets. 

Simply put, FirstInu will do all the hard work while stakers easily look out to “be the first” to access future household names before they’re even on the radar. No need to spend hours and months of research, investigate every nascent community just to find the best to invest in. FirstInu got you.

FirstInu will deploy a variety of strategies to establish itself as a prolific early investor in new high-potential meme coin projects with a compelling narrative centered around community and utility. The project’s stakeholders will benefit from those investments via distribution of the majority of the assets to stakers and accrual and compounding of the project’s treasury. 

FirstInu is something the crypto world shouldn’t miss out on. Simply taking $FINU will earn you tokens from every new ERC-20 crypto currency project as soon as they launch. It addresses a core problem that many stakers and investors are spending months and years to figure out. This is what they mean when they say “be the first”.

The DEFI app (“your bot) will be able to connect with any web3 wallet to allow investors to stake $FINU tokens, allowing them to collect tokens from new projects as they launch. $FINU DEFI smart contract will be able to scan the blockchain new launches and auto buy them immediately after launch, distributing them back to $FINU stakers.

$FINU is the native token of the FirstInu DAPP protocol and will be used to access and unlock a growing set of features.

In its current state, a 14% tax is applied on all transactions.

2% is automatically sent to holders on all transactions in the form of $FINU!

2% auto adds back into the liquidity pool.

2% gets allocated to the token purchase fund.

4% gets contributed towards marketing and influencer outreach.

4% is directly allocated to platform development.

With $FINU, investors and stakeholders should get ready for NFT collectibles, NFT marketplace, custom DEFI gaming and betting platforms. The $FINU team is planning to release more games and game types, NFT collectibles and competition as they gain more attention and demand for $FINU tokens. $FINU is the only token in the world that buys other tokens, which can only mean one thing, FirstInu is going to “be the first”.

To learn more about $FINU, follow them on Twitter or visit their website.

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