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Eternal Utopia NFT Keeps Artists Front and Center in Collaborations

The increasing popularity of NFTs represents the next generation of artistry. The added challenge of creating unique art pieces allows artists and creators to express their creativity in unprecedented ways. Eternal Utopia NFT the efforts and talents of artists. Aside from giving a platform for artists to thrive, Eternal Utopia has also created a community that supports each other as they chase their dreams.

Eternal Utopia NFT is a unique collection of human-like characters. Although each unique piece is algorithm-generated, each aspect is hand-sketched by the talented artists working on this project. These NFT characters live on an alternative planet Earth on the Ethereum blockchain.

The artists, collectors, and professionals behind Eternal Utopia created this project to highlight the value of NFTs and create an organic community of like-minded individuals. In becoming a part of the Eternal Utopia family, holders and collectors can expect collaborations with top galleries and artists, exclusive events, free airdrops, fun rewards, and holders’ royalties. 

Aside from championing art in the digital space, Eternal Utopia wants to form a bridge between crypto and art and fashion in the real world. In merging the NFT market with art and fashion, holders of these NFTs will get an opportunity to win a custom-made fashion merchandise item. This reward will even come with a certificate of authenticity to solidify its value. In addition, holders can expect art rewards in the form of collaborations with two top art galleries: Eden Fine Art Gallery and Goldman Group Art Gallery. Collectors who meet milestone criteria are also eligible to receive customized designer apparel made by Etai Drori. Etai Drori is a designer who customizes designer products like bags, wallets, and clothes, among other things. 

Aside from building a community and welcoming NFT enthusiasts, Eternal Utopia also has plans to give back. The team wants their community to have a positive impact on the world. With this goal in mind, Eternal Utopia has pledged to donate a percentage of primary, secondary, and merch sales to charity. The Utopia family will also participate in this endeavor as they will choose the charity to donate the funds to. The team behind this project wants their community to be a haven for artists and other talented individuals and collectors who can work together to achieve individual and collective goals through teamwork and support.

H & J Innovations, the company behind Eternal Utopia, wants to set a high-quality standard for their NFT collections. Each item in their collection is the result of hundreds of hours of work and development by dedicated artists and professionals. Some of these team members have worked on other successful NFT collections, proving that they are the best of the best. 

Eternal Utopia is the brainchild of two best friends who live on opposite sides of the world. Their friendship and shared passion for investing and art led them to go on this NFT journey. In working with other individuals who value creativity, and quality work, they have created a team that supports each other as they continue to grow. Supporting people’s creative passions drives Eternal Utopia and their community.

The collection will go on presale on December 8, at 6:00 PM EST.

Find out more information about Eternal Utopia™ by visiting its website, Twitter, and Discord. More information about the collection can also be found here

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