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Eric Martel Shares How He Created a Real Estate Empire and How Others Can Do the Same

To the far majority of people, it seems real estate investing is a game for the wealthy. Of course, some would argue that it’s impossible to back you up without the proper capital or a rich investor. But Eric Martel is here to prove that money isn’t the only way to become a real estate guru. 

If wealth were the only determinant to real estate success, Eric definitely wouldn’t be where he is today. “I purchased my first apartment building at just eighteen years of age while still at university. I had no money but after analyzing hundreds of properties, I managed to secure financing with a combination of a bank mortgage and a seller’s note. It was still cash flowing with no money down.” shares the entrepreneur and real estate mogul. “A few years later, I lost millions during the Dotcom crash of 2001, and I started looking for ways to earn passive income and stop trading time for money. Eventually, I came back to my first love, real estate investing, and formed MartelTurnkey.”

Despite having to start from scratch, MartelTurnkey is a massive real estate company that hires multiple staff and manages several property rentals across the United States. So on two occasions—when he was a teenager and when he had nothing left from a market crash—Eric more than proved that real estate success depends more on knowledge and resilience than having all the money in the world. 

Now, he’s out to help anyone who wants to become a real estate investor get started on that journey. He runs a coaching program that gives people access to one-on-one coaching sessions with the successful realty champion on top of all kinds of learning materials and real estate reports. The coaching program also gives students access to a comprehensive directory of real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and loan officers that can help anyone get access to the best rates to buy rental properties. 

Eric began with shared family properties when he was eighteen years old. But later, he would move towards single-family housing too. A big part of his motivator in helping people become real estate investors was his previous experience as an actuary.

“In my position as an actuary, I was dismayed to see hundreds of company pension plans being rolled over into 401(k)s shifting the retirement risk to employees,” he shares. “It also made me question my role as an actuary.”

Today, Eric is driven to show people a better way to prepare for retirement. He’s written a book entitled Stop Trading Your Time for Money. In it, Martel teaches the principles and practices to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and help you create generational wealth through real estate investing. The world has seen a whole new shift in investments with the rise of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. And while all these are great opportunities to develop more wealth, real estate is here to stay.

“People will always need a home to live in,” shares Eric. “That’s never going to change.” The entrepreneur, coach, and author hopes that more people will realize the power of real estate investing and begin their journey as soon as possible. To learn more about Eric’s coaching and mentoring programs, and gain access to his content, visit his website, YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram profile.

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