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Emerging NFT Community Boba Inu Sugar Club Is a Passion Project That Embodies Authenticity and Profitability

Establishing an authentic non-fungible token (NFT) in the metaverse is one of the biggest challenges of any community developer today, with the overwhelming number of NFT spaces being launched one after the other. Authenticity elevates the value of a token, and the founders behind the emerging token community Boba Inu Sugar Club understand this all too well, prompting them to stay true to their passions and ideas. By combining their love for dogs, Bubble Teas, and NFTs, they managed to come up with an exciting token community that offers a distinct kind of experience within the metaverse. 

“We believe that much of the value of NFT art lies within originality. With the abundance of mock projects in the current NFT space (apes, doodles, invisible objects, etc.), we decided to stick to our own style and create something new and original out of the things we love. We like dogs. We like Bubble Tea. So we combined them together to create a cute and refreshing experience for our followers,” the founders shared.

Boba Inu Sugar Club is a collection of 8,000 NFTs that are randomly generated during minting, combining more than 180 exciting traits that avid crypto enthusiasts and NFT collectors will find extremely engaging. About half of the total number will be made available for minting during the whitelist pre-sale, while the remaining half will be for the public sale sometime soon. All the Boba Inu Sugar Club data will be stored on IPFS and cannot be altered. Fake NFTs will not possess the necessary data required to access the community’s utility. 

The Boba Inu Sugar Club tokens come in three different rarity types: the Common, Genius, and Legendary. The drop rate for the Common type is 90% and it comes with all the basic community perks of one $SUGAR per day. The Genius type, on the other hand, has a drop rate of 10% and comes with a 30% personal merchandise profit of five $SUGAR per day. Meanwhile, the Legendary’s drop rate is less than 0.1%, making it the rarest of all the tokens that can possibly be minted. It offers 50% of personal merchandise profit of twenty $SUGAR per day. 

Another special feature of the Boba Inu Sugar Club is the boba, which is a very popular add-on among bubble teas all over East Asia and is presently gaining popularity in the Western part of the world as well. There are eight kinds of boba pearls featured among the NFTs that can be minted, including: the Classic Black Pearls with a drop rate of 24%, the Pink Blue Pearls with a drop rate of 18%, and even Dogecoin Pearls with a drop rate of 5% and DBZ Pearls with a drop rate of 1%.

Each Boba Inu Sugar Club token is priced at 0.08 ETH. The details of the official launch date will be made available soon. The brain behind the promising token community is Sugar Papa as founder and developer. He is joined by Sugar Mama as a graphic designer and Taro Boba Inu as the marketing wizard. 

An exciting roadmap has been prepared so that future holders can watch out for the foreseen progress of the token community, and holders can follow its progress through Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. When minting reaches 2,000, the community will give away five Genius Boba Inus to random members of the whitelist sale. Five winners will receive 1 ETH each once 4,000 tokens have been minted. Once minting reaches 6,000, preparations for the online merchandise shopped personal brand program will begin. In this phase, Genius and Legendary token holders may earn shared profits from sales. 

Upon completion of the token sale, land purchases will be underway on Sandbox or Decentraland.

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