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Driver Ape Racing Club Creates an NFT Community for Speed Enthusiasts

In this time where social connection happens a lot on digital platforms, non-fungible tokens have been one of the most effective ways to draw people of the same interests together. This year, more communities with niched categories will rise and give way to a new era of virtual connection. For example, one non-fungible token called Driver Ape Racing Club looks to form a community for speed enthusiasts and racing fanatics.

Drive Ape Racing Club is a collection of over 7,777 unique blockchain tokens within the Solana network that feature cartoon ape characters dressed up in race car suits. The DARC series dives into a world of alien apes who evolve to become ape race car drivers. They search for new adrenaline rushes throughout the universe and eventually discover Earth as a viable racing destination. The artworks in the series have a certain uniqueness and personality that the creators will hopefully connect with personally. The founding group hopes to create a universe for the community of NFT holders, race car enthusiasts, car lovers, and many others.

“For all these reasons, we are very confident and comfortable to have Apes and know that we are going to be a game-changer for the Solana Blockchain,” shares one founding team member on the project’s outlook. “And as it is so well said, men are descended from apes, so it is pretty natural that we turn to them to write the future of humanity.

Inspired by the famous saga “Planet of the Apes” and the clothing brand Bape, the founding team created their version of an ape-ruled dystopian world where god-level race car drivers fight for the grand honor of being the fastest in the galaxy. Each ape comes with unique traits, suits, and racing helmets, which give character and rarity levels to each NFT mint. By entering the Solana blockchain ecosystem, the non-fungible token collection looks to capitalize on the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency and the entire NFT movement as a whole.

Non-fungible tokens are now one of the most significant investment opportunities, with some artworks increasing in value by thousands to millions of dollars. NFTs are artworks connected to digital contracts on the blockchain network, which give each digital piece a crypto-based value that could increase with time depending on the demand. Projects with functionalities and strong communities have become the clear winners of the NFT race. 

In those regards, the Driver Ape Race Club NFT collection is at an advantage. To date, over 3,500 people have now joined their online community, with more people joining in droves. It also hopes to release a high-utility function for its NFT community, which will bring community events, NFT rarities, exclusive access, and rewards to its holders. Owners of NFT mints with a rare golden helmet will also gain access to a weekend marked by a Karting tournament in one of the largest go-karting circuits in the world. The company has also reached out to and partnered with influencers and organizations in the racing world to help strengthen the brand. DARC hopes to become a value-building NFT collection that will bring more significant opportunities to its community of NFT holders. Learn more about the project and how to mint a Driver Ape Racing Club token, visit the Driver Ape Racing Club’s official website or join the Discord server.

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