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Dream Hunters Is Promoting Personal Development through NFTs

Over the last decade, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have continuously caused a stir in the digital world. Many creatives and companies have been inspired to take their ideas into the metaverse, and Dream Hunters are the most recent to enter the fray.

Dream Hunters is a collection of 10,001 young dreamers ready to achieve their goals with their own unique heroic traits and skills. They tell the narrative of being committed to spending life pursuing dreams and never letting anything or anyone stop them. Along with it, they vow never to lose passion, work hard to find life’s purpose, and always stay close to their dreams. 

When asked about how the project came to be, Andrea Varriale, one of the developers, said, “The art symbolizes the child within us. We believe that no matter what the circumstances—where we are and who we are–there is always a child within every one of us who believes in ‘that dream’ will eventually happen.”

“We created the art with the goal of reminding all of us to keep the faith, to dream big like when we were kids. But, at the same time, to encourage every kid in the world that every dream is valid and could be a reality,” he added.

The team behind the project is committed to building a community where the members can share their goals in life pertaining to health, business, relationships, and more. The creators and fellow members can then offer assistance in various ways like professional counseling, consulting, and moral support. As the need of the community grows, so do the numbers of experts and coaches.

Members who share the same goals can have a private chat with an accountability senior leader, and rewards and surprises will be given to each member who achieves their objectives. The belief that transformation comes from within is at the heart of this undertaking. However, the team places a high value on providing individuals with the space they need to develop while also working together to push each other’s boundaries.

Beyond ownership, holders of the Dream Hunters NFT will also gain exclusive access to various benefits supplied by the project’s developers as it progresses. Investors will get a firsthand look at future projects and obtain special discounts for presales. 

As a further testament to the project’s community-driven desire to create and develop something that will benefit everyone, the team focuses on giving back rewards to the investors. Rolling royalties will be shared with the holders every time a Dream Hunters NFT is sold on a secondary market.

The NFT collection comes with equivalent cards that will make the corresponding holders eligible for the rolling royalties. The Dream Card is the rarest, and its one lucky holder will receive 1% of all rolling royalties for life. On the other hand,  100 minters will receive the Access Card, and 2% of the rolling royalties will be distributed within them. Lastly, 3% of the rolling royalties will be divided equally to the rest of the 9900 holders with the Wish Collectible.

To keep delivering exceptional content to the community, the Dream Hunters NFT project developers have recently teamed up with some of the world’s most well-known artists and personalities. But more than anything , the project remains steadfast in its mission to unify people worldwide by building one of the best NFT communities. 

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