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Draco NFT Prepares to Take to the Sky and Revolutionize the NFT Community with Its Unique Design and Lore

Artists have always strived to breathe life into their creations, delving into realism and even hyperrealism to make their works as true to life as possible. With the advancement of technology, this goal has become easier to achieve. As hon-fungible tokens have risen, many have opted to take a “cute” style to their projects, but Draco NFT strives to utilize the tools built over the decades to breathe new life into the NFT community.

Since the 2010s, society has moved towards a digital era owing to technological advancement, allowing work and hobby to become more accessible to anyone. The past decade has paved the way for cryptocurrency to blossom, replacing hard cash with digital currency. Simultaneously, non-fungible tokens were conceived, but it wasn’t until this year that NFTs have attracted the public’s attention, spawning multiple projects across the face of the earth.

Draco NFT is no different from other projects in that they possess thousands of art piece collections with unique features. However, this upcoming project is taking things to the next level by straying away from the typical 2D format and utilizing tools to create lifelike dragon artworks. Each token provides holders with a uniquely designed 3D dragon that has rare elements and special graphics for a total of over 150 traits.

The team behind this exciting new project did not just want to jump into the NFT trade; they wanted to revolutionize it. With a pre-launch set for November 29 and a public launch in December, Draco NFT has been working to fulfill their goal. While the graphics are reason enough to draw the attention of crypto, NFT, and art enthusiasts, the Draco team takes their mission even further by adding a lore to provide innovative substance into their passion project.

“Once upon a time in a big and busy modernized world called Cledo, a large and shiny egg tumbles through the streets. As it rolls down the road along Orchard Park, it eventually slams right into the wall of a skyscraper. The egg shimmers in sunlight and slowly cracks.

“A cute little dragon named Draco emerges from its Akkadian egg into a new and futuristic era. Leaving the tiny little eggshell, he shakes the rest off the pieces off of his head and body. Confused and curious about the new world around him, he takes his first few steps on the streets of Cledo. This is the beginning of Draco’s new adventure in a novel era; maybe alone… maybe not.”

Draco NFT offers an exclusive 10,000 art pieces that possess high quality 3D graphics with rare elements and 150 unique traits. Although the project is set to launch, the community has already been growing at an incredible pace. The team behind the revolutionary project strives to reward its community as Draco NFT prepares to take the world by storm. “We will constantly offer prizes in multiple forms,” they said, “Our goal is to constantly give back to our supportive community through this evolution.”Learn more about Draco NFT by visiting their official website. You can also get more updates by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord channel.

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