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Doki Division Set to Take Its Revolution to the NFT Community

For more than a century, men have dominated most of the industries and only in the past few decades have women received the same opportunities. Even in the world of art, only a handful of women are recognized for their works. However, with the world shifting towards a digital era, more creative-minded women have been making the rounds within the art communities. With how much the world has changed, women have adapted quickly.

The past decade has seen a rise in digital innovations, and cryptocurrency can be seen at the helm. Joining the fray are non-fungible tokens or NFTs, collections of different forms of art that range between the visual arts and music. Although they were developed around the same time as cryptocurrency, NFTs have only seen a surge of popularity in 2021. As the year comes to a close, more projects have emerged. Joining the NFT community is the female-run project Doki Division.

As with the majority of NFT projects, Doki Division focuses its efforts into making collections of digital art. However, the project strives to break away from animal-based tokens. Instead, Doki Division takes inspiration from the east, specifically anime-style illustrations. But while most anime-type tokens take a cute approach, Doki Division strives to deliver an edgier side to the style. 

“Our art differs from the animal-type profile picture projects and features an edgier, darker theme of badass women,” said the Doki Division developers, “Our art represents all of the women who take charge and stand out in the financial technology space.”

The Doki Division collection consists of 10,000 uniquely generated Dokis. Each comes in different classes depending on their rarity. Low class Dokis are referred to as Florans, the commoners of the Zephora universe; the middle class consists of Nymphs (the mystic race) and Aethers (the hue race); finally, the high class Dokis include the Nekoids (feline race), Akumas (blood race), and the Seraphimas (the spirit race).

The project includes a dark lore that adds substance to the Doki Division collection. Its lore reveals that the world is categorized by the survival of the fittest, assimilating the Doki factions for the past 10,000 years. The Zephora universe is a mysterious underworld fuelled by blood from the human heart. What was once a flourishing utopia that allowed everyone to live in harmony descended into a wasteland where resources are scarce and survival is no longer guaranteed. The Dokis will stop at nothing for the taste of blood.

Ruled by the Nekoid and Akuma races for decades, the two classes have given themselves the privilege of devouring the richest and finest, leaving the others to fight over scraps. The years of famine have injected the other classes with enough restlessness and resentment to plot a revolution. To win their cause, the middle and lower classes are determined to harness the power of the legendary eyes, especially the rarest pair of the Succubi.

While the Doki Division prominently features female characters, the developers are set to introduce Doki boys as the project grows. Additionally, the project will be releasing a series of merchandise, including a clothing line. Doki Division’s artists and writers are also looking to release a manga and video game adaptation.

Learn more about Doki Division by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Twitter.

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