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Dirty Dawgs Opens a New Metaverse Reality and Play-to-Earn Arena for Basketball and NFT Lovers

Non-fungible tokens are ushering in a new arena of art, identity, and community-building capabilities. It has also become a new source of wealth-building for others. Accordingly, projects have been popping up, trying to build on the growing momentum that this digital innovation has now introduced. One of the projects fresh on that list of breakthrough projects is Dirty Dawgs

Dirty Dawgs are uniquely generated NFT mints with various traits that give each a distinct look and feel. In addition, each of these blockchain artworks connects with a specific individual. In that light, the founders of the NFT collection hope to attract a group of people looking for a project that will enlighten collectors not just because a project is hip but also because it’s personal to them. 

Additionally, the decentralized project looks to introduce collectors to a whole new digital arena with the introduction of the Baller Universe. This virtual club will serve as the project’s future metaverse, a world that the founders hope to build for its community. The roadmap also includes a play-to-earn game with a unique secondary market and one-of-a-kind experiences within its ecosystem. 

The Dirty Dawgs collection, otherwise known as DD, introduces a stellar cast of 8,888 non-fungible tokens. Each of the Dawgs has a proof-of-ownership stored up within the Ethereum system. It uses ERC-721 for its token certificates and installs unique artworks on it that give each token style and character. While unique on its own, the Dirty Dawg comes from bull dawg artwork, as the founders would call them. “Every Dirty Dawg’s identity is the combination of hand-drawn bull dawg artwork and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each Dirty Dawg is unique in its form,” explains one of the company’s founders. “A living, breathing work of art, with its unique history. With over 100 hand-drawn traits, owning a Dirty Dawg comes with exclusive access to a group of Dirty Dawg collectors, great cash benefits, exclusive utilities, play to earn potential, reserved only for group members.”

Amidst the collection, the Dirty Dawg creators have included a set of ultra rare mints. Owners of these mints will split a $25,000 cash incentive. They, along with the next tier of raribles called Legendaries, will also receive 50% of an AirBnb unit called “The Dawg Pound,” which the founders will be purchasing very soon. The remaining 50% of that profit will go to additional giveaways, funding floor sweeps, and play-to-earn development, among many other things.  The Legendary mint holders will also split a $25,000 incentive and get the chance to win two tickets to this year’s NBA Finals series.

To give the project utility and form, the founding creators will grant each NFT owner, or ballers, a character in their metaverse, which will enable play-to-earn capabilities. In addition, the in-experience games will allow companies to earn Dirty Dawg Coin, the crypto token associated with the NFT project. “Our love for the game of basketball is the core of this project,” shares one of the creators. “With that being said, we will be giving away endless forms of entertainment to all holders, including NBA tickets regularly, watch parties, and exclusive web 3.0 networking events to give back to the community.” 

The Dirty Dawg NFT creators look to attract people who share a love for NFTs, Web 3.0, blockchain technology, and decentralized innovations. They also hope to merge that with the love of sports, which the creator team all share in common. Besides their play-to-earn plans and vigorous efforts to build coin longevity and raise floor prices, the founding team hopes to create an avenue where people can network and collaborate. Dirty Dawgs looks to become a no-discrimination space for anyone who wants to mint their digital pieces and become a part of the decentralized club.