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DIMO X Xinfin Are Unstoppable with Another Huge Announcement of Launching “XDSea,” the First NFT Marketplace on XRC

With the world becoming more internet savvy, innovative minds have been at work to help society progress into the digital era. As a result, more platforms are developed to accommodate the changing world as the years go by. Today, among the more utilized platforms are blockchains, which serve to share information to parties that can access them through applications. Among the leaders in blockchain technology is XinFin, a company that thrived in the modern era. Recently, they have taken their platform to the next level through a network collaboration with DIMO.

The two powerhouses also recently announced the launching of XDSea, the first NFT Marketplace coming onto the XRC chain in February 2022. This innovative launch is a game changer as XinFin has the lowest gas fees in the market, and XDSea has the lowest transaction fees in the market. Together, this launch will prove beneficial for all in the cryptocurrency space. 

XinFin is a hybrid blockchain platform established in 2018, funded through an initial coin offering that raised $15 million and later went live in 2019. Upon going live, it became one of the pioneering smart-contract blockchains to utilize proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. XinFin was built to modernize the global trade and finance sector through an accessible, efficient, and highly-versatile decentralized infrastructure solution.

When the company was developed, it was designed to complement the legacy financial ecosystem, providing a permissioned blockchain utilized by governments, enterprises, and private firms to overhaul their tech stack and power a range of novel use cases. 

Since its inception, XinFin has used XDC as the fuel token of its network. Functioning like Ethereum’s ETH, XDC is used as a substitute for paying transaction fees and smart contract operations. In addition, the fuel token can also be staked to participate in XinFin’s validator network and deploy smart contracts.

DIMO is a company that offers technological and business solutions, catering to decentralized enterprises, blockchain enterprises, DAPSS, and crypto projects, to name a few. In addition, the company offers chain solutions for businesses to solve the scalability problems in their network protocol. 

Since 2016, DIMO has been in covert operation, working with some of the best projects in the industry. In half a decade, the company built a proven track record of comprehensive technological and business solutions that have helped the leading companies and individuals achieve their goals. They recently made their launch official in 2021. Throughout the years of operating, DIMO has also built outreach programs in the industry and offers community growth, enterprise tie-ups, and more.

XinFin and DIMO recently went into network collaboration to create a successful tie-up. DIMO has been active in developing the community for XinFin and is currently working on many other projects. Among their developments is preparation for launching an exclusive DAPP on the network, getting more crypto tie-ups, building a DEX on many of their partner chains, and the introduction of NFT platforms on the chain, among many other things in the pipeline.

DIMO has successfully gotten the XinFin team’s liquidity to increase by a whopping 54% in a month. The result would not have occurred without the joint effort of DIMO and the XinFin team. DIMO has also been successful in an array of marketing tie-ups for the XinFin network. Among its contributions are influencer tie-ups, community growth, and creating and building an open community for XDC.

The technological and business solutions company has also produced innovative campaign ideas and strong tie-ups that have gotten XinFin network in front of millions of New York with people walking by Times Square and seeing the XinFin billboard. This was all powered by DIMO. 

DIMO is looking for project partners in the European, North American, and Asian markets, as they want to expand their bases into these markets. DIMO also assists new projects to raise funds via debt and equity instruments via institutional funds, holds ICO for projects, and does what they do the best, which is to get the project off the ground. Furthermore, DIMO has always made conscious efforts to impact lives worldwide. The company has built outreach programs in the industry, offered community growth, established and facilitated meaningful tie-ups, and many more. 

Learn more about DIMO and XinFin’s network collaboration by visiting their respective websites. You can also learn more about them by following DIMO on Instagram and Twitter, and XinFin’s Twitter.

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