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Designer Bags, Mythology, and Tokenization — How Divine Assembly Looks to Take over the NFT World

A new NFT called Divine Assembly is brilliantly ushering the awe and splendor of Greek Mythology into the Web 3.0 world, showcasing astounding 3D artworks of those bravest souls chosen by the Olympians Gods to join the adventure. 

Their artists worked with some of the greatest brands worldwide, such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier, now creating art in 4K attributes with over 400 traits in the mix. In addition, they have created four different classes based on Greek Mythology—the braves, the divines, the intellectual, and the epicureans.

Divin Assembly separates themselves from the others because they have high-quality art that is very realistic and detailed. All of their NFTs rely on actual know-how from their brilliant artists. The Divine Assembly already resides inside the SANDBOX, where it will welcome the holders to be a part of their futuristic ecosystem of the Metaverse. Its digital community draws inspiration from ancient values, traditions, and myths. Each community member will find their place of enjoyment with all the activities, estates, and events prepared.

They believe that spending time online is most fulfilling when your activities intersect with your desire to explore real-world interests. The Divine Assembly is an excellent avenue for Mythology enthusiasts as they dive deep into the history and build fascinating elements within the Divine Assembly universe. With Divine Assembly, they hope to usher in a unique, inspiring culture that people know and love.

The creators of the Divine Assembly have already started to shape Web 3.0 today by making the Divine Assembly project in a positive and sustainable direction. The Divine Assembly project is community-centered, led by the fantastic members and whose input they hold precious. Web 3.0 is a virtual, Blockchain-hosted world where almost anything is possible. It is a fantastic blank online canvas where NFT & crypto innovators can create entire frameworks of their own stories around their projects. Consumers can visit and shop in virtual malls, communities collaborate more than ever,  and virtual reality can reach higher levels of immersion.

Divine Assembly puts a premium on the voices of their holders via their DAO voting system that they will use for all crucial decisions in Divine Assembly direction. The people’s votes will directly influence how the team will execute their future project as they hark back to modern man’s roots in Greek Mythology and bind themselves, as a community, more closely than ever.

With their community’s effort, they are looking forward to attracting large groups of people from different interests and fields. On the one hand, they try to reach people deeply interested in mythology, 3D art, and realistic art. Those people care about the team, the details, and the know-how behind the art. On the other side, they also want to pull in people whose goal is to make money in the NFT space. The team acknowledges that these are the kind of people willing to invest in their impressive project because they are the next GEM, the next NFT project that will be worth 10x its original price.

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