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Departed Apes NFT Takes Center Stage while Collaborating with Other Projects

Stephen Fung took center stage in one of the most anticipated web 3.0 events in New York.

(NEW YORK, 20 July 2022) More and more NFT projects are emerging and are rapidly gathering a massive number of enthusiasts and supporters despite the challenges that the pandemic has caused the different industries of the world. Even though a lot of NFT projects are available on the Internet, the truth is that only a few are well-thought when it comes to design and features. Departed Apes stands out as one of the most well-crafted and coordinated NFT projects out there.

Departed Apes is a massive collection of 8,027 ape characters eternalized through non-fungible token technology on the Ethereum blockchain. They wander in the parallel universe of the internationally acclaimed crime thriller Infernal Affairs. With the desire to boost promotions and branding, the team invited Marvel Cover Artist Logan Lubera to plan and execute the art direction of classic American comics. 

Some of their features and utilities include playing as a deep undercover with the first-of-its-kind NFT collection officially powered by a cinematic masterpiece. Their superb artwork was created by Marvel cover artists, with more collaborations, NFT drops, merch, comics, animations, and metaverse games to come.

At the helm of this NFT collection is Stephen Fung, an international actor-director that has participated in other prestigious film festivals. In 2004, Stephen directed and starred in his directorial debut “Enter the Phoenix” for Jackie Chan’s newly established company JCE Movies, and sure enough, it became a certified hit. After that, his films were honored with different awards and have been officially chosen by The Toronto Film, Venice Film Festival, and Busan Film Festival, among others.

“Our community is essential to us, and we want to build a platform that aspiring directors, producers, writers, actors, critics or movie fans would love. So they can participate in a future milestone: The Departed Apes animation feature. We will also begin by holding AMAs with accomplished guest speakers worldwide,” the renowned director said. 

The versatile star has embraced his newfound passion for digital arts and declared it on the stage. “Discovering an NFT reminds me of opening a new toy on Christmas,” shares the NFT founder. “I’m in the business of evoking emotions.” Stephen also believes that the greatest workers are not just the most gifted; they are just willing to pour time and effort into a meaningful community. “If you build it, they will come,” adds Stephen. 

Grid6 Studios was co-founded by Stephen Fung with Media Asia Group and Everest Venture Group, bringing significant experience across films and television in combination with blockchain technologies. Grid6 is where Hollywood meets Web 3.0 as it takes cinematic storytelling to the digital space.

Everest Ventures Group or EVG is an international digital assets group with deep roots in Greater China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa. The company was launched in 2018 and was backed up by a consortium of renowned Asian families. EVG has been an enthusiastic investor, venture builder in the digital assets industry and a key player. 

In the next few years, Grid6 Studios is looking to continue paving the way for more blockchain projects and usher in a new era of digital transformation.

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