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DeLotty NFT Aims to Revitalize Lottery Industry Through Blockchain Technology

The lottery industry has consistently grown over the years. Valued at US$ 350 billion in 2020, the industry is expected to grow to over US$ 433.78 billion by the end of 2026. Yet despite the growth, the traditional lottery has faced many loopholes and weaknesses, such as dwindling jackpots, limited security, long payouts, and the limitations of region-based draws. Aiming to give the lottery industry the modern overhaul it needs, DeLotty NFT enters the market, presenting a solution that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology, which, as the founders explained, is a fairer, safer, and more transparent approach to the long-standing phenomenon of lottery. 

DeLotty NFT operates under the principle that the next step in the evolution of lotteries lies in blockchain technology that enables autonomous decentralized systems. The process will give participants higher levels of gains, transparency, privacy, security, and unity with other players all over the world. DeLotty aims to provide everyone with the unique opportunity of benefiting from the global transition and witnessing how the lottery evolves to take part in blockchain technology. The creators envision the project to be the biggest lottery platform to emerge in the metaverse. 

In addition, DeLotty aims to eliminate the main issues found in conventional and online gaming through practical approaches that simplify online lottery models and fix its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and disruptive technology access to players and instant winning payouts. The creators also aim to simultaneously cultivate a culture of trust among its community and address the tarnished reputation of traditional lotteries. Unlike in conventional lottery models, DeLotty participants in the metaverse can expect to win minor and major prizes or even get their hands on the highly-coveted jackpot. With the promise of higher chances of winning, DeLotty NFTs are quickly gaining traction in the digital space.

The DeLotty NFT collection features 7,777 ERC-721 tokens, all randomly generated and equipped with its own metadata. Holders also get the opportunity to own a stake in the biggest lottery platform in the metaverse and lifetime access to passive income. The tangible benefits of DeLotty NFT will provide its holders the best value for their investment, giving eager collectors and investors a fresh offering in today’s congested market.

DeLotty NFTs are randomly generated according to a particular mathematical algorithm. The rarity scheme includes 49 Legendary, 333 Epic, 777 Rare, 1,888 Uncommon, and 4,730 Common DeLotty NFTs up for grabs. 

In addition, DeLotty holders will gain access to a tokenized play-to-earn and hodl-to-reward system, encouraging them to always take part in the game. DeLotty also issued its own native utility token called DLOT to facilitate and autonomize its reward program.

DeLotty NFT will be redistributing its accumulated lottery ticket sales to its community. 80% will be allocated for its prize pool; 5% will be allocated for project operation, marketing, and further development; 10% will be dedicated to DeLotty NFT holders who stake their tokens on the project’s DeFi platform; and the remaining 5% will be directly distributed to DLOT token holders. 

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