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Dead Ape Club the Metaverse That Was Missing!!!

In the last year the metaverse fever has literally broken out: everyone is talking about it, everyone wants it. According to recent estimates that the metaverse could be a business but several billion dollars and it is not surprising that even Facebook is actively working on it. But what does dead ape club have to do with all this?

Dead Ape Club is a project  born on the Ethereum blockchain, their goal is to develop a metaverse with the appearance of a tropical island, where it will be possible to create productive activities completely digital. Obviously these being digital will not have management costs but can still bring an income to the holder, through the sale of assets “virtualized”.

This metaverse will be accessible by 9999 cute avatars that have a revolutionary feature to say the least, that is, they are completely customizable. This detail is not insignificant. Currently when you buy an NFT this is chosen in a completely random way among all the pieces of the collection and it is very common to find a piece with “features” not very rare and not modifiable, which makes it difficult to sell. In the case of the Dead Ape Club project this does not happen.  Each NFT trait can be removed or replaced through the use of a special section of the website accessible by the holders, in which it will be possible to buy new Items. This feature opens the door to possible collaborations with fashion brands that will be able for the first time to create wearable clothes to propose to the metaverse generating a new business closer to a 3.0 world. 



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