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Dave Clark Set to Be Flexport’s Next CEO After Amazon Resignation

Dave Clark, the CEO of Worldwide Consumer for Amazon announced his resignation on July 1st. Speculations about what he will be doing next arose, but it has recently come to light that Dave is taking over as the CEO at Flexport.

Clark will take over for Ryan Peterson on September 1, who is transitioning into executive chairman in March 2023.

In the meantime, Amazon has yet to name a successor for their CEO position. However, CEO Andy Jassy shared that they will provide an update in weeks.

With more than two decades of experience at Amazon, Dave Clark will be bringing his knowledge to Flexport. He previously built the company’s warehouse network and has expanded from a few facilities.

Clark played an integral part in Amazon’s quest to establish itself as a major player among e-commerce companies. His work on the company’s transportation arm helped lay down fleets of planes, trucks and delivery vans that are increasing and relying less on outside carriers like UPS or the USPS.

The former CEO was one of the most important executives in Amazon, reporting directly to Andy Jassy. However, over recent years, he has faced challenges with increasing demands over the pandemic.

Clark’s decision to work for Flexport can be attributed to the company’s mission of integrating technology and solving global supply chain issues that affect businesses.

“It is for all the reasons above and countless more that I am looking forward into transitioning into the role of CEO at Flexport in September,” said Clark. “I am fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with an incredible team who are building a customer-first, rocket ship of a company focused on architecting and building solutions for the most complicated supply chain problems through world-class technology for the physical world.”

Flexport founder Ryan Peterson was enthusiastic about the addition of a figure like Dave Clark to the company.

“Over the last two decades, Dave helped scale Amazon into the technology and supply chain juggernaut it is today,” he said. “He is a builder and an entrepreneur at heart, with the leadership experience that will shepherd Flexport into the most exciting phase of our journey.”


Dave Clark to Take the Helm of CEO for Flexport in September