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Daniel Massimino: From Addiction to Redemption, the Journey to Finding Success through Adversity

Meet Daniel Massimino, a young, vibrant, successful business owner from Pittsburgh. Behind his warm demeanor and big smile, you would never guess the amount of adversity he faced that led him to where he is today. His story almost feels like a feature film, with plot twists and notes of triumph. His story is about rising above adversity and coming out on top. Even when it is hard to tell his story, he does so with ease because he wants to encourage others and show them that anyone can accomplish whatever they set their sights to.

Dan grew up in a loving home where determination and good work ethic was instilled in him. He used the wisdom his parents passed down to open his first business as a young teen. Quickly scaling his business, he realized that even success has its own set of challenges. By the time he was in his early twenties, he was already filing bankruptcy and facing addiction. Often, many people have a hard time overcoming their addictions, and the narrative was not much different for Dan. But he knew deep down that nothing would change if he did not pursue change. With the support of friends and family behind him, Dan was able to win his battle against addiction and now he is using his story to help others do the same.

He is now the founder and CEO of Credit Connection, a credit restoration company, and he is using his new platform to educate other entrepreneurs like himself on the power of mindset. Dan says, “The ability to change your outcome is 80% mindset and 20% action. Your mind has the power to control your actions and the key is to align both to move forward.” For Dan, it was not always easy to see things with a positive perception; however, there comes a time when you must stand tall and rise above the trials and just go for it. To this day, Dan remains a pillar of hope in the Pittsburgh community as he continues to mentor clients and other business owners on the powers of positive mindset. Dan stands by his mantra that if he can do it, then anyone can.If there is one lesson you can take away from Dan’s story, it is that you are the only one who has control over your decisions. Those looking for a positive role model and mentor to help get their business out of a rut can contact Dan at Credit Connection through their website

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