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Dangerous Dinosaurs Presents Exclusive NFT Collection for Avid Investors

Non-fungible tokens are currently one of the hottest blockchain-based investments heading into the new year. 2021 saw several successful projects reach unprecedented growth levels, and 2022 promises more to come as the NFT community grows in value and popularity. One collection to look out for is Dangerous Dinosaurs. This limited collection looks to provide an array of unique functionalities and an easy entry price for young investors who want to get into the NFT game. 

The Dangerous Dinosaurs NFT collection is a token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be made exclusively available on, one of today’s most extensive NFT art and collectibles exchanges. The collection of digital artworks features five hundred unique pieces based on a cartoon dinosaur character. Each character has a differentiated identity and personality that the creators hope will resonate with its future owners. 

With only five hundred of these NFTs available for minting, selling out the mints won’t be as hard. Accordingly, the value is more likely to increase as soon as mints sell out and start trading peer-to-peer. The Dangerous Dinosaur tokens also have some of the most accessible entry prices, with each mint price only being 0.05 ETH, roughly around $185 per artwork. This investment is less risky and more affordable than other projects that usually go for around $500 and up upon price minting. With those factors in place, Dangerous Dinosaurs is a great entry point for younger investors who want to leverage on NFT or newcomer holders who are only starting to understand how the blockchain ecosystem works. 

The Dangerous Dinosaurs collection will also feature an array of accessory rarities, which will give holders a chance to access common, rare, epic, or legendary accessories. The higher the rarity group the accessory belongs to, the higher the value of the NFT mints will become. Accordingly, the functionality will level the playing field for upcoming holders. The rarities do not correlate with how early people enter. Rarities will randomly get airdropped to anyone, whether they’re the first or last to pick up a Dangerous Dinosaur mint. Some of these rarities include unique traits like a set of golden teeth, special tattoos, or dino-fitted tuxedos. Each NFT mint was designed separately without any automated trait generating involved in the process, giving each token a more exclusive note.

Blockchain enthusiasts have started a gold-rush level phenomenon around non-fungible tokens. Some projects have generated thousands to millions of dollars in profit while also giving their communities the chance to earn considerable revenue through passive income and NFT trading. In addition, the NFT space has also seen much younger investors over the past few months as next-generation collectors try their hand in NFT investing and collecting. 

Accordingly, Dangerous Dinosaur hopes to create those opportunities, especially those within the eighteen to forty age range. By providing a low-risk, high-opportunity investment, the founders behind the Dangerous Dinosaur collection also hope to start a massive revolution of NFT investing within certain circles around the world. 

The Dangerous Dinosaur collection will hit OpenSea anytime soon. To get news on mint drops and future community plans, check out the NFT’s Instagram profile or Discord server.

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