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Damon Fletcher Motivating and Inspiring through Music and Fun

Damon Fletcher has to be among the few people that made good use of the COVID-19 pandemic global lockdown. Seeing how gloomy those months were for many people, including himself, Damon took solace in music. Music uplifted him, and he was always looking for things that would lift his spirits all through those trying times. He found a deep-rooted love for music, which he explored to the fullest.

He started writing songs and producing them, and now his single, “Hustle with a Purpose,” is out and making the rounds already. Before Damon Fletcher took up music, he devoted some time to learning. He watched many masterclasses, read different books, and then listened to two of his major influences, Usher and Timbaland. He got pumped up on enough inspiration to get his creative juices flowing.

His music style is energetic and danceable. Damon is all about getting people to pursue their dreams and having a relentless drive to pursue those dreams. He is heavily involved in philanthropy, and he played a massive role in encouraging and giving back to the graduating class of 2020, who all had to graduate during the pandemic. His musical talents, hard work, and philanthropic activities have been recognized by top celebrities like Ne-Yo, Damon Dash, Lance Bass, and Lecrae, among others.

Damon Fletcher writes his lyrics with one goal in mind—to inspire anyone that listens to them. Dreams are nothing unless one gets up and puts in the work to achieve them. And Damon Fletcher did dream, had plenty of time on his hands, got to work, and is getting recognized for his talents. Alongside releasing good music, Damon Fletcher loves to see the world. He has spent the last few months dreaming about when everyone can travel again, and with the success and acceptance that he has enjoyed from his music. He wants to give away a trip to somebody to travel anywhere they want in the world. “I want everyone to have something to look forward to and dream,” he says.

Anyone who loves to dance, have fun, and travel will enjoy Damon’s music. His music is for everyone from every walk of life. Even more relatable is the fact that he derives inspiration from musical legends like Usher and Timbaland, who have been making music for decades. So everyone of all ages can enjoy his music just as much as they enjoy music from these legends.

As an independent artist, his music journey has not been without its struggles, but he continues to forge ahead, knowing that, in a way, he gets the chance to do some good with his talent. Having fun and inspiring people to grow are his favorite things to do. And now that he has a chance to do these with his music, he embraces the opportunity. “I want to let people know that you can do anything you want in life and accomplish your dreams. It just takes being surrounded by like-minded people.”

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