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Cynthia Acosta Proving that Financial Freedom Is the New Sexy

Many women dream of having it all: financial freedom, happiness, thriving relationships, and so on. Sadly, not many women know what it takes to achieve that kind of life. Empowered woman and trading coach Cynthia Acosta has discovered the secret to gaining more time and financial gain to give one more chance to pursue joy and adventure. With a story to tell and a resolve to help others experience the same results, she has committed to teaching others how to hack the trading code and experience more out of life.

Cynthia is a woman who has shown incredible resilience and vision. A former member of Corporate America’s rat race club, she grew up with the commonly told narrative that getting a nine-to-five was the way to become successful. But after many years of playing by the rules and getting nowhere, the dream chaser would seek a new path to financial freedom. Today, she has retired early after creating a highly profitable career in forex, crypto, commodities, stock, and metal trading. 

Known affectionately as the “Forex Queen,” Cynthia now stands on a new platform to spread a powerful message: “Financial freedom is the new sexy.” She has committed her life to helping women from all walks of life gain more wealth, free time, happiness, and confidence by building a thriving career in investing and trading. From the onset, Cynthia stands out as a woman with command. Her spirit, strategic thinking, and statuesque presence make her a figure that many women look up to for motivation and learning opportunities. Accordingly, Cynthia has taken on the mantle and used her charisma to raise a new generation of women who are more than ready to take the financial sector by form.

The markets remain heavily male-dominated as of late. Thought leaders in the trading world are most often male, building the stigma that maneuvering through the markets is a man’s game. But as Cynthia Acosta takes upon herself the challenge to teach women how to trade in markets, she has started a new movement of women who attain time and financial freedom by learning how to earn money from the comfort of their own home. 

Close to Cynthia’s heart also are millennials who search for another alternative to the corporate slave culture. She maintains and teaches that getting rich and climbing up the corporate ladder are no longer synonymous. “I was taught to go to school, get a degree, get a job, save my money,” shares Cynthia. “Once I learned ways to multiply my money, I left that all behind me, and I retired.”

In a short season, the Forex Queen has already helped hundreds of new traders learn the basics of forex and cryptocurrency. Through her 52-week trading course, she has helped many people retire early and start spending more time with family and chasing the things that make life colorful.

Cynthia is also a loving mother of three adult children and the primary caregiver of her 90-year-old father. Through the life market trading has afforded her, she now enjoys and cherishes those relationships more dearly and hopes to help other women and mothers get the same chance. The entrepreneur believes in the power of trading to affect positive change in people’s lives and strives to be an agent of that impact. To learn from Cynthia, visit her website and Instagram profile.

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