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Cyber Pugs NFT: The New Generation of Pugs on the Blockchain

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” True enough, there are many self-proclaimed dog lovers out there. Cyber Pugs is an NFT collection that encourages people to make the most out of their love for dogs. And with this project’s pledge to donate to a dog charity upon 100% mint, people can give dogs in need the love and support they deserve.

Dog lovers, art connoisseurs, and NFT enthusiasts will undoubtedly find Cyber Pugs an NFT collection worth investing in. This collection presents 10,000 NFTs. Each token features a pug decked out with different features, such as skins, headgear, eyewear, tattoos, hairstyles, and clothing. The collection comes with around 50 different assets and a selection of backgrounds. These traits are combined in unique ways to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. 

Aside from these physical traits, Cyber Pugs also come with 16 personality types. These personality types are based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The pug’s personality trait can be seen in the design of the token, but it is also reflected in their physical traits. With around 50 different assets and 16 possible personality traits, all Cyber Pugs come with a distinct DNA. Some features are rarer than others, which makes certain NFTs more valuable.

Pugs are small, loveable dogs. But in the world of Cyber Pugs, they live in a dystopian reality where resources are scarce, and society is in complete disarray. The different puppy races gathered and declared pugs as the most useless of dog breeds. Banished to Scraps Island, the pugs were forced to adapt to their harsh conditions. Several years later, the banished pugs have developed a technologically advanced society and evolved into a new breed: Cyber Pugs.

When people take part in the Cyber Pugs NFT collection, they can expect great things to come their way. Further down the line, the project creators will release the official Puglife Soundtrack. The release of the collection’s theme song also comes with a giveaway, and all holders are eligible to join. This project also plans to release comic books that tell the story of these technologically evolved pugs. 

Once all the Cyber Pugs have been adopted, the team will begin production on their merch line. Puglife merchandise will include stickers, plush pugs, and clothing. Their team also has a few surprises lined up for lucky NFT holders. The Puglife team will also donate to dog-centered charities after minting all Cyber Pug NFTs.

Cyber Pugs NFTs were created to promote investing to the new generation while simultaneously celebrating art and supporting dogs. Each pug comes with a unique combination of features and assets. Like people, these pugs dress to impress, and their style choices reflect their personality and personal taste. And in a world that forced them into harrowing circumstances, they thrived against all odds. 

Cyber Pugs NFTs inspire collectors not to give up when life gives them challenges. Instead, they adapted and learned to improve what they had. As a result, they will rise from their banishment and make a strong comeback.

Cyber Pugs NFTs is a collection on the Solana blockchain. To learn more, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.