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Crypto Gang Is set to Educate the Masses on Cryptocurrency

The ongoing digital revolution has swept through virtually every aspect of human life, but it’s most telling impact can be felt in the financial industry, especially with the introduction of cryptocurrency and other digital assets like non-fungible tokens that have changed how people see money.

The Crypto Gang is a highly anticipated NFT project built on the Solana blockchain. The collection takes the form of unique 2D characters that make up ten gangs representing each cryptocurrency in the top ten list, but there’s more than just dominating this new virtual world; it plans to use its power for good by educating people about cryptocurrency and giving back to the community. 

“If you take a look around, a true crypto community that you can rep proudly is still non-existent,” shared the founders. “We are here to change that and become the first to do so. This is just the beginning of a true social club that will be enjoyed for generations to come,” they added further.

Crypto Gang is a new crypto company that’s out to change the way NFTs are perceived. By proactively giving holders exclusive perks such as staking, royalties, and being part of an organization dedicated for social good across the globe, Crypto Gang has shaken up what it means to be in possession or owning one of these collectibles with their authentic gang spirit.

“As this community grows, more lives will change for the better and mass adoption will be reached quicker. This same mindset is being applied to our NFT project in which we will use our profits to better our world through our Crypto Gang charity,” the founders said. “We will show how although we may be from different regions and have different beliefs, we all have the same common goal.”

Crypto Gang is committed to making the world a better place. The cryptocurrency has plans for giving back, hosting giveaways and donating funds as well. A non-profit organization called Crypto Gang Non Profit will be created just so they can do their part in serving society while at the same time helping themselves by providing resources such as education or relief efforts when needed.

Besides royalties, Crypto Gang will also be releasing a comic book detailing the adventures and interactions happening within the ten gangs. According to the team, Crypto Gang is committed to transparency, so they make sure that the holders know what their ownership has accomplished by providing detailed reports on charity efforts every month. “Any kind of charity work will be documented through video and posted on all our social media outlets. This way, Crypto Gang members can see how they are giving back,” explained the founders. 

“Our goal is to make the world a better place collectively as a unit. So as the royalties and sales come in, we will make sure to do exactly that.”

This coming December 28, there will be an exclusive video launch on the birth of Crypto Gang, which will be minted at 2 SOL with 250 pieces available to mint. Presale will be on January 10, 2022 starting with 3,000 pieces at 1.5 SOL. While 7,000 pieces are available for minting two days after on January 12, 2022.

Learn more about Crypto Gang on Twitter and via its website.

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