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Crypto Bull Society to Enter the NFT Space with Collection Designed by Renowned 3D Artist Gal Yosef

Non-fungible tokens, the newest way of trading collectibles, and their rise, have inspired a flood of art from creators all over the world. Different art forms are currently being digitized and hosted on blockchains, from GIFs and intricately designed illustrations to music. Given the saturation of projects in the NFT space, both those uninitiated and experts in the field could find it challenging to make up their minds about which venture to support. Meanwhile, individuals and companies trying to capture the interest of their target audiences could also fall short in pushing their collections toward the limelight, a feat that Crypto Bull Society wouldn’t have too much trouble accomplishing because of the standout quality of its tokens. Born from the mind of renowned 3D artist Gal Yosef, this new power player is set to hog the spotlight during its launch.

Highly fueled by the mission to create one of the most well-designed collections in the space, Crypto Bull Society is currently making considerable buzz even before formally entering the Metaverse. At its helm are a dedicated team of crypto enthusiasts and digital media legends who have come together to offer not only a value-driven project but also deliver unique pieces that deserve to be kept forever. 

While art is mainly subjective, some NFT collections are drawing some flak right now for the noticeable lack of effort that went into designing the tokenized characters involved. However, Crypto Bull Society promises to be a standout as the artist behind the Bulls is an Israeli painter, sculptor, and 3D artist who’s quickly become one of the most influential digital creators today. An awardee of the “Artist of the Month” title by the American Autodesk Corporation, Gal Yosef boasts an impressive portfolio. Apart from working with the biggest brands and artists worldwide, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Justin Bieber, and Steve Aoki, this household name has the honor of becoming the first 3D artist to be invited to the prestigious NYC-based Eden Gallery. 

Gal Yosef, whose art is showcased in galleries across the globe, including London, Dubai, Soho, Mykonos, Israel, Las Vegas, and even the prestigious Art Basel in Miami, is motivated by a deep-seated passion for animation and creative excellence. Upon getting intimately privy to his story and artistry, the team spearheading the Crypto Bull Society knew from the get-go that they had found the best artist who could help bring the vision of the Bulls to life. 

Intended to serve as symbols of a new era of investing, the 7,777 unique Crypto Bulls will hit the NFT space soon. Their appeal lies not only in their individualized nature but also in how they display the financial optimism and boundless prosperity of crypto enthusiasts. Ready to charge upward and take over the Metaverse, NFT lovers are in for a treat during Crypto Bull Society’s minting day. 

Learn more about Crypto Bull Society by visiting its website.

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