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Crypto Assassins: The NFT Collection That Prioritizes Its Community and Brotherhood

Over the past year, crypto ventures have started gaining more popularity because of their excellent potential as an added income stream. Despite that, many are still skeptical about its benefits, while some simply do not understand its appeal. However, one promising NFT collection goes above and beyond by creating a solid community that values Brotherhood – Crypto Assassins.

The one-of-a-kind project is a specially curated collection of 8,888 Assassin NFTs lurking on the Solana blockchain. Every piece of art is carefully made to perfection with more than 375 unique attributes. 

In addition, there are five different factions available, and each one has 75 different assets distinct to that group. Moreover, all assets were hand-drawn, which took more than one month to create. The utmost care and intensive labor dedicated to developing the artworks is a testament to the venture’s commitment to providing a top-tier collection.

But aside from that, perhaps what separates Crypto Assassins from the competition is its loyalty to its community. As a result, assassin holders will be initiated into The Brotherhood, where they can take advantage of all the perks that come with it. 

For example, they can participate in the various giveaways and other promotions made by the venture. On top of that, they will have access to the upcoming exclusive Crypto Assassin store that will feature limited-edition collections of tees, shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise.

But above all, the creators of Crypto Assassins want to ensure that every person within the community will have a chance to grow their portfolio and earn more profits. To fulfill this goal, they have created a set of Creeds that each token holder should follow. 

But most importantly, the project is preparing to bring in the top talents in the NFT/Crypto field to join the Brotherhood. These industry experts will be sharing about upcoming projects that will most likely do well. Furthermore, they will be discussing their analysis as to why they think a particular project will do well.

Undoubtedly, Crypto Assassins is not simply focusing on creating elegant designs, but it is also keen on elevating its community and the crypto industry. Thus, the future looks bright for the insightful and innovative project, and NFT enthusiasts should be on the lookout for the up-and-coming collection. 

As its developers eloquently shared, “We see Crypto Assassins as being one of the top NFT projects that will last through all the hype, not just because of the artwork but because of the utility we are incorporating. People will always be looking for the next hot projects, and with some of the top talent in our Brotherhood always scouting out new projects, we are sure to thrive in any market conditions. The bigger we get, the more eyes there will be on us and the easier it will be to attract new talent. The sky’s the limit with how far we can take The Brotherhood. In the future, when we have enough clout, we will work to be able to get our community some spots in the hottest upcoming presales.”

Find out more about Crypto Assassins by visiting its official website and following them on Twitter and Instagram. You can also join its private Discord server to join in on the community’s latest discussions. 

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