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Cookies N’ Kicks: Expanding the Sneakerhead Community in LA

Sneakers have come a long way from being gym class staples. Today, sneakers come in different styles that feature bold colors and innovative designs. There has been a growing community of sneakerheads who collect shoes from various brands and lines. Because of the popularity of sneaker collecting, many find it challenging to purchase a pair of shoes they are interested in before they are sold out. When this happens, people turn to resellers such as Cookies N’ Kicks.

Cookies N’ Kicks is a store located in Los Angeles that specializes in buying and reselling shoes. It first opened its doors in April 2019 and has grown a significant following ever since. It has become one of the biggest sneaker stores in the industry and has branched out to creating content for their different social media platforms. Aside from providing customers with shoes they love, this company also offers its customers delicious cookies free of charge.

Cookies N’ Kicks has amassed a fast-growing social media following, with over 2 million followers on TikTok. The company also recently launched a YouTube channel where their team shares their love of sneakers. Their team of dedicated employees is passionate about shoes, and that passion translates to the content they put out online. The company shares family-friendly videos on their social media platforms that aim to spread positive messages and share a glimpse of the type of interactions people can expect when coming to their store.

The sneakerhead community is a large one, and Cookies N’ Kicks welcomes everyone to their store as if they are family. Young or old, anyone interested in shoes is welcome at the store. The company also prides itself on having a team that works well together and even considers them a family. They work hard to foster a fun and accepting space for anyone interested in collecting sneakers. 

Cookies N’ Kicks co-founder Eli Hayman says that his main objective is to positively affect whatever environment he is in. He shares, “I have always loved creating things and fostering a positive environment. Being able to do this with something as big as Cookies N’ Kicks and connecting with people I care about has brought so much good into my life. The connections I have made with so many others has been nothing but rewarding, and I’m happy to be able to do what I do.”

Cookies N’ Kicks provides highly sought out sneakers from Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, and Off-White, among others. The company also offers clothing items from Anti Social Social Club, Supreme, BAPE, Palace, VLONE, and Travis Scott. With a wide selection of shoes and clothes, sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts are sure to find something they like at Cookies N’ Kicks.

After only 20 months in operation, Cookies N’ Kicks has grown into one of the most popular sneaker stores in Los Angeles. And although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most business establishments to shut down, the crisis has only prompted Cookies N’ Kicks to expand its horizons. Having tripled its previous years’ revenues in the past few months, the company has shown everyone that it is a force to be reckoned with. 

Because of its outstanding performance despite the crisis, Cookies N’ Kicks has garnered accolades from consumers and spectators worldwide. Its remarkable pace has also made curious minds wonder what the company’s secret is. “Customer experience is what we prioritize above all else. I think our focus on creating a community for our customers and social media growth is the reason why we’ve been so successful during a time where most businesses were failing,” said partner Luca Schnetzler.

Cookies N’ Kicks’ passionate team and positive online presence have helped the company amass loyal customers and sneaker enthusiasts. Sneakerheads of all ages and backgrounds are more than welcome to have a cookie and purchase a great pair of shoes.

For more information About Cookies N’ Kicks, you may visit their website or YouTube channel.

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