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Community-Driven NFT Collection The Dogo Is Bridging the Virtual Space with the Physical Realm

One of the unique things about NFT collections is their virtual nature. While this has piqued the curiosity and interest of many, some still prefer to own their art physically. So as a way to connect with those individuals, one innovative NFT project, The Dogo, aims to bridge the metaverse with the physical realm.

The collection contains a total of 4,500 non-fungible tokens. It is inspired by the majestic and powerful dog breed Dogo Argentino, known for being a fearless hunter that can take down a wild puma and for being a devoted and loving member of the family.

In addition, each unique artwork is guaranteed to provide an extraordinary opportunity for self-expression, and everyone can find something that resonates with their hearts and imagination. An elite team of talented graphic designers has hand-drawn more than 200 traits in 10 different layers to achieve this. 

Several factors make The Dogo collection stand out. First off, famous blogger and entrepreneur Miki Fergy is spearheading the female-led enterprise. The founder and CEO is a self-proclaimed dog lover and has a massive following of 1.3 million on Instagram.

On top of that, the venture intends to bring together a remarkable group of like-minded individuals. As a community-driven project, its target audience includes crypto enthusiasts, digital artists, NFT collectors, gamers, athletes, entrepreneurs who want to spread NFT art to the public and dog lovers of course.

As its creators have proudly shared, “Holding a Dogo NFT allows you to participate in coordinating the Community wallet, which will be seeded with 120 ETH after the public sale ends. Holders can vote on the right usage of the funds that benefit the community and get early market insights from reputable investors which they can use for their own benefit.” Evidently, the outstanding NFT collection is determined to provide value to its holders by ensuring that their investments in DOGO are successful in the short and long run. 

But of course, the project does not merely focus on the benefits that token holders will receive. It is also keen on changing the lives of several of man’s best friends for the better. Because of this, part of the sales will be donated to dog shelters from all over the world.

Aside from its unwavering commitment to the community and creating excellent artworks, the venture is also staying true to its mission of bringing together the virtual sphere with the real world. To do this, each Dogo NFT holder will receive a physical piece of art based on The Dogo collection. 

The rollout will be done in stages, and the whitelist sale is scheduled for December 12. After which, the collection will become available for sale to the public on December 13.

The promising project is undoubtedly elevating the crypto industry to greater heights with its vision and ingenious execution. As such, NFT enthusiasts and investors should be on the lookout for the upcoming launch of The Dogo collection.

To learn more about The Dogo NFT collection, visit its official website and Instagram.
You can also join the community discussions on its dedicated Discord server.

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