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$COCKTAIL – a new cryptocurrency launching next week (July 27th, 2021) is combining features from several successful alt coins ($EverRise, $SafeMoon, $BabyDOGE) with a new rewards multiplier technology to launch the blockbuster crypto project of the summer. Crypto’s new favourite drink includes features such as automatic BNB/BUSD rewards hourly, an automatic and manual whale bot buy back system, as well as a novel rewards multiplier bot.

Holders of $COCKTAIL will automatically receive BNB/BUSD rewards to their wallets for holding the token, but they will also have the opportunity to multiply their rewards. The California based developer team behind $COCKTAIL has created the first ever rewards multiplier technology in the cryptocurrency space called the “Binance Auto-Reward Bot”. When a holder of $COCKTAIL promotes the token and submits proof to the verified $COCKTAIL Discord, the rewards bot automatically will reward holders with extra BNB/BUSD rewards. This revolutionary new bot technology that serves as a rewards multiplier has never been done on the Binance network before. This new technology will enable the average investor to multiply their initial investment simply sharing the $COCKTAIL brand.

The $COCKTAIL team’s “Binance Auto-Reward Bot” can take the average investor and transform them into a whale investor based on their individual merit and promotion of their investment. It really is a winning strategy and formula that not only rewards individual investors, but also increases $COCKTAIL brand awareness. Increased brand awareness will fuel project growth and attract new investors.

Co-founder of the project states “this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the cryptocurrency space that will not only multiply rewards for the individual investor, but also translate to growth of the overall project ensuring long term and sustainable success. Therefore, ultimately rewarding every single investor apart of the $COCKTAIL project.”

The team is also set to work with major celebrity influencers to endorse the project at launch. “We want everyone to know that $COCKTAIL is at the forefront of changing the cryptocurrency space and how investors choose to place their funds. Usually, crypto investors look for features that our token has, but never before has one token presented them all in one package. And never before has a crypto investor been able to control their investment gains with an automatic rewards multiplier.”

$COCKTAIL launches July 27th, 2021 and the hype is growing fast. Join the official telegram here:

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