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Clients and Culture at the Crux: Kinfolk Home Loans Positions Itself as a Powerhouse in the Mortgage Industry

Property ownership is an integral part of the American dream. However, the task isn’t as easy as it sounds. The real estate market is a daunting enterprise chock-full of volatile conditions, inexperienced realtors, and unknowing customers. These pressing issues have made the industry incredibly hard to penetrate without the proper guidance. It is common for most individuals to crash their finances when trying to purchase properties, which is why Kinfolk Home Loans has made it its mission to prevent these situations from happening.

Kinfolk Home Loans is an elite boutique brokerage that makes mortgages easy, accessible, and convenient for its clients. The company has decades’ worth of combined experience in mortgages, with its experts having seen just about every situation. 

Veering away from the more transactional nature of the modern mortgage industry, Kinfolk Home Loans takes the opposite approach by providing its clients with a more intimate mortgage process. As its name implies, Kinfolk Home Loans treats its clients like family. Through its strategic partnerships with various accredited lenders, the company gives clients the power of low wholesale rates, lower closing costs, and the best technology on the planet.

Furthermore, Kinfolk Home Loans pays its brokers more than anyone else. In turn, this attracts high-quality professionals and top talent to the company. With the cream of the crop working alongside its clients, there is no other brand out there that can bring this much quality assurance to its beloved customers. 

Whether it be making a big purchase or refinancing, Kinfolk Home Loans connects its clients to the most experienced professionals. Founder and CEO Cody Adams has made it a point to make his company a cut above the rest. His passion for helping people is simply infectious, and this passion bleeds through in every facet of Kinfolk Home Loans.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I love people, I love helping people, I love the American homeownership dream, and it’s still alive and well,” shared Cody. “I wanted a bigger piece of the pie, and I wanted to have something of my own. Legacy matters to me. Something I can call my own, be unbelievably proud of and pass onto my future kin,” he added.

With the mortgage industry becoming a carousel for top mortgage talent, Cody Adams is extremely hopeful for what Kinfolk Home Loans brings to the table. “The mortgage industry is a revolving door of people that are great at their jobs, shopping comp plans and places to call home. We believe we can be the retirement home for remarkable bankers to come and have a career,” said the esteemed founder.

Kinfolk Home Loans builds a positive culture that is second to none. With Cody Adams at the helm of the company, it has become the leading brand in the mortgage industry, where a client-first culture around care, integrity, competition, and excellence are thoroughly fostered. Disrupting the dogmatic mortgage industry with hard work, unparalleled client service, and communication, Cody Adams and Kinfolk Home Loans are opening several new doors for the American people.

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