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Chroma World NFT Bridges the Gap Between the Physical and Digital Space Through Unique Abstract Art

The modern art world is seeing a massive transition towards the digital space. This is all in part due to the massive popularity of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have taken a step towards the mainstream, enticing potential investors towards the unique digital art piece offerings and the future value that they provide. Chroma World is an NFT project that is quickly gaining popularity among avid investors and collectors worldwide, cementing its place as a highly anticipated NFT in the market.

Chroma World is a place welcome to all, especially discerning collectors who love weird-looking abstract art pieces. The imaginative art pieces stimulate the minds of its collectors in unique and remarkable ways. There is no limit to one’s own imagination, and the abstract art of this particular NFT takes that notion up a notch in several ways.

“One of our main goals is to connect digital and physical art, which will be done in a variety of ways,” explained the project’s developers. Season one of the Chroma World project includes 9001 NFTs called the “Abstractars,” which are built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection that is wildly different, but in a way, makes absolute sense. 

Each Chroma World token includes over 250 hand draw traits, as well as original one of one’s. The traits will be used to generate each unique piece through a procedural algorithm. The collection will include abstract art, pixel art, simplistic, clean, greyscale, rare gold traits, and many more. The focus on the 2D collection is in the background while also blending in with the abstract character. 

There is also the Chroma World ‘Feature Program’, which connects and supports other creators all across the globe, fostering a united community of like-minded individuals while hopefully inspiring people along the way. Each Chroma World token portrays bright, colorful, random art with no rules. They feature loose edges and are very captivating to look at. “It is for people who want something different to what’s currently in the market, but also enjoy the ability to collect pieces with unique traits and their own style that might suit their personality,” shared the team. “The art is unique, and that’s why we believe people will be interested in the collection,” they added. 

Chroma World is a full abstract collection in a style that has never been done in the NFT space. The project pushes the boundaries compared to collections that have been released in the past, which are cookie-cutter and very cut and dry. The emphasis on the collection is aimed at the background artwork. Each background is handcrafted and is very different, and they will come in a variety of styles and colors. 

The collection also pays tribute to some of the amazing communities in the NFT space. Chroma World can essentially be seen as an extension to its investors’ previous collections, making it even more appealing in the process. 

To know more about the amazing Chroma World NFT, make sure to visit the project’s official website. Join the Discord server and follow the project on Instagram and Twitter for more live updates.

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