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CelebrateNFT Bridges the Gap Between the Metaverse and Our World With Real-World Rewards

The future is now. The rapid progression of technology has given rise to digital concepts that we wouldn’t have fathomed before. Our exponential technological progress is a definite cause to celebrate, which is why CelebrateNFT is leading the charge towards revolutionizing our modern society.

CelebrateNFT is at the forefront of change, pushing the boundaries of technology by taking the next step towards web 3.0 commerce. Apart from the normalized community aspects of the current NFTs out in the market, the project aims to collaborate with various partners to deliver member-exclusive wearables as real-world rewards for holders of the token.

The project’s ultimate mission is to create online investments that have corresponding real-world commodities, successfully bridging the gap between our world and the metaverse. The creators behind the project believe this is the next logical step to innovating the currently saturated industry.

CelebrateNFT is giving us all a reason to celebrate. As the team behind the project hope to expand the current metaverse, they have created a detailed roadmap for its many potential holders. The project will be releasing a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Ahead of its November 12 launch, the team is offering the first 2,000 holders a VIP Membership NFT, which brings an exclusive set of perks.

These perks include access to exclusive drops and metaverse wearables. VIP members will also have access to pre-mint all future projects and have voting rights as to the direction the project should take. CelebrateNFT is all about fostering a united community among its investors. Like-minded individuals who have a passion for NFTs will get to become VIP members and gain access to a VIP lounge where members can connect.

The VIP lounge will also serve as a platform for the creators to host giveaways, airdrops and announce member-exclusive events. Depending on the status of NFTs sols, the CelebrateNFT team will host giveaways for their cardholders. The team has planned a giveaway for 200 VIP members to win $500 in ETH. The project has also set certain stretch goals for when a milestone is reached.

Once a milestone is successfully achieved, the creators will once again hold a giveaway where they will be giving one lucky member $100,000 in ETH. CelebrateNFT is changing the game, redefining what it means to celebrate by bringing online celebrations into the real world. The November 12 launch will mark the first round of minting. They will release the first 2,000 membership NFTs which can only be acquired by creating a Celebrate NFT account. Members who join this first round are eligible for double entries for the ETH giveaways. 

Once 20% of the tokens are sold, holders will be given a sneak peek of a few upcoming NFT collaborations that CelebrateNFT has on the pipeline. The roadmap also outlines the official launch of the CelebrateNFT marketplace, where holders can interact with each other and purchase NFTs from each other’s collections. After that, members will get the full immersive experience of all the digital assets and will be able to share their experiences with friends. 

The celebration never stops with CelebrateNFT. Early adopters will be heavily rewarded with a VIP member status, so be on the lookout this November 12th for the highly anticipated token’s release.

To learn more about CelebrateNFT, make sure to follow the project on Instagram and Twitter.

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