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Cat People to Release 3D NFT Felines on March 2

Given the hundreds of collections that are occupying a space in today’s blockchains and the upcoming projects set for release, standing out is proving to be a challenge for creators and companies planning to dip their toes in the highly inundated digital asset industry. While it was enough at first to focus every effort on generating digitized artworks meant for minting, the current NFT space and its enthusiasts demand more than just an intricately drawn character. Among the things they’re on the lookout for apart from value is distinctiveness, both of which Cat People promises to deliver. Scheduled to hit the Ethereum blockchain on March 2, it boasts not only a host of benefits for holders but also game-ready feline-inspired tokens that come hand in hand with an intriguing narrative. 

One of the projects looking to make waves in the NFT scene this March, Cat People is composed of 9,999 aesthetically unique cats whose conceptualization was influenced by pop culture, streetwear, games, and more. It features a civilization from another galaxy that discovered Earth whilst desperately searching for a new source of energy. Their efforts, intensive and all-out, paid off when they discovered a species of fish that had mutated over the course of generations and evolved to discharge unlimited amounts of electricity capable of powering cities and empires.

At its core, Cat People doesn’t only intend to introduce another benefit-rich project to collectors. Ultimately, the team at the helm of this potential power player aims to build a blockchain-powered, open-world metaverse that sees no gap between players and creatives. Additionally, its creators hope to establish a metacommerce ecosystem where fellow cat citizens can socialize with each other, roam around, and explore the ever-growing metaverse, and more. 

While the team spearheading Cat People doesn’t deny that hogging the spotlight is going to be difficult in the face of all the competition, they’re also confident that the collection will manage to secure a coveted spot in the limelight, thanks to its art and how the must-have characters have been rigged and optimized to be game-ready. “It’s 100% in 3D,” they shared. “In addition, none of our assets are pre-made. They have all been meticulously modeled out to a very high standard. When it comes to porting the pieces into a video game, we’re not anticipating any issue even though many other collections out there using hyper-realistic 3D art with a high polygon count are finding it daunting to launch a game.” 

The 9,999 cats, whose different outfits and color variations are expected to appeal to countless cat lovers, will go on presale on March 2. A public minting will follow the next day, and interested token holders will be able to mint two felines each. 

In the months to come, every Cat People NFT owner can look forward to what the team behind the project has in store, such as the airdrops of special items, the development of the game, and expansion of the metaverse. 

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