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Canadian Company Announces Major Results in Study, Potential for Major Gains (CSE: INNO)

Innocan Pharma announced today the results from its clinical trial. According to the announcement, the company is approaching 100% bioavailability following subcutaneous injection of its CBD proprietary LPT delivery system in a clinical study conducted on dogs suffering from pain.

What this means for the Stock

Innocan Stock (CSE: INNO) has done well for investors since its IPO back in 2019. But it seems that all that has been leading up to this moment. Now Innocan has proved one of its major offerings. This, alongside recent announcements, and growing commercialization potential should be a major incentive to investors.

This is a substantial scientific feat achieved by Innocan. Following this announcement, We are likely  to see impressive performance from the stock in the coming days and weeks.

Understanding the Science behind this Revelation

According to the press release “CBD is known to have a low bioavailability level. Bioavailability refers to the exposure to the drug in the blood circulation when administered extra vascularly compared to the exposure obtained following intravenous administration, when normalized to the dose. The low oral bioavailability of CBD in people (6.5%) is a result of first pass metabolism in the liver and considered to be variable and dependent on fasting/fed conditions “

Innocan’s unique solution – “By administering injectable CBD encapsulated in liposomes (the LPT platform), Innocan seeks to achieve long-lasting and therapeutic levels of CBD in the body. Innocan believes this will create a far more effective and prolonged therapeutic effect. Innocan carried out a series of experiments of its LPT platform on animals. These experiments have demonstrated initial positive results, supporting the viability of Innocan’s intention to make CBD available to humans and animals for extended periods upon a single injection. Innocan’s unique delivery method allows for the prolonged release of CBD into the bloodstream with improved pharmacokinetic (PK) performance. The research is conducted in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and indicates potential for the Company’s technology to deliver cannabinoids to the blood stream in a more effective manner.”

Canadian investors would be well served keeping their eye on this promising company, as they continue to innovate and achieve groundbreaking milestones. 

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