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Bunny Freaks Revolutionizes Filmmaking by Crowdfunding Its Budget Through NFTs

The NFT industry is abuzz with curious talks about the most recent community that introduced itself in the metaverse: a diverse group of individuals coming from all over the world who are uniting as a freaky community with a common purpose—the Bunny Freaks. The emerging community is currently the talk of the town as it features 10,000 unique avatar collectibles with more than 245 traits. Each NFT allows holders or investors free viewing access and even voting rights in the development of the world’s first-ever community-driven animation short film. 

Bunny Freaks is a community that encourages self-expression, a place where holders can show their real colors and artistry without fear of being judged or rejected. It is this same attribute that makes the community special. The team behind Bunny Freaks has been very bold in saying that this project is not a “get rich quick” venture. Instead, it is an attempt to rewrite history and impact future generations significantly. 

Holders of Bunny Freaks can look forward to numerous exclusive benefits, from access to private community channels to voting rights to the most important questions in the creative process, free access to the film’s premiere, and the promising option to have their name appear in the end credits as a contributor. This being a rare opportunity for countless people, the Bunny Freaks team believes that art enthusiasts and investors alike will find this opportunity mind-blowing. 

“We are showing the world a new innovative use case for NFTs. No other project has had the vision of involving their holders in the actual creation of the world’s first community-driven animation short film and limiting access to the historic creation,” the Bunny Freaks team explained. “Since there are only 10,000 Bunny Freaks ever created that give exclusive access to the viewing of the short film, we are sure ticket prices will rise in time and our long-term holders will be rewarded.”

By the fourth quarter of 2021, Bunny Freaks will be listed on main Solana NFT marketplaces and added to By this time, animation studios, screenwriters, voice actors, and other important members of the production team will be carefully screened and added to the final team. Weekly voting will be done to fuel the creative process. By the first half of 2022, media exposure will begin, introducing the world’s first community-driven animation short film. On the day of the grand premiere, holders can use their NFTs as an online movie ticket. 

The likelihood that Bunny Freaks will win an Academy Award for its animated project in the future is not far-fetched. This novel idea also hopes to teach people to reimagine ways of doing common day-to-day things, which at some point may also work for so many other industries outside of entertainment and NFTs. It also empowers common people to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, specifically, being instrumental in creating a full animated film. This extraordinary experience has a lot of long-term potential, paving the way for creatives to express their artistry by activating a community of like-minded individuals to support any worthwhile project. 

If anything, Bunny Freaks has completely revolutionized the basic approaches in filmmaking with an added bonus. It also stands out in the present blockchains as the most sophisticated art project with over 245 traits used to create its unique combinations. Being the first decentralized animation short film in the world today funded via NFTs, there is no doubt that Bunny Freaks will set the standard that future generations will follow. Learn more about Bunny Freaks by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter account for more information.

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