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BrokenGirl Unchained Empowering Neglected Women

In today’s society, women don’t always have the best support system. Many times, the people closest to them can be the biggest source of pain and abuse. Juliet Ramos, owner and operator of BrokenGirl Unchained, understands what it’s like to be in this predicament. And using her story as inspiration, she now empowers women through her blog and podcast on how to bounce back from neglect and abuse. 

Juliet is a thirty-eight-year-old single mother from Modesto, California. She and her husband got a divorce, and her family no longer supports her and her children. “My narcissistic birth mother’s and ex-husband’s bad decisions sealed my fate,” Juliet Ramos shares. “But there’s something to be said about a woman with that profound strength that comes from the unknown. There’s no better story told about a woman that has fire in her eyes.”

BrokenGirl Unchained started as a gift from Juliet’s co-host, engineer, and editor. Juliet poured everything into the website and started a podcast. Through the BrokenGirl Unchained podcast, Juliet shares painful stories and memories from different angles, hoping that her authenticity and honesty would connect with women who have been through the same ordeals. The podcaster shares all she has experienced regarding marriage, divorce, men, family, heartbreaks, love, sex, dating, parenthood, fitness, health, grief, and many more. 

The podcast is raw and authentic. Moreover, it’s unchained. Conversations in BrokenGirl Unchained are no holds barred and unfiltered. Juliet Ramos is not afraid to be open to the world. Consequently, her story has inspired many women across the globe. One listener, Annette, shares, “Each story I can relate to a lot and for her to be so real about her life has made me a stronger person.” Another listener, Clara, adds, “This podcast is so awesome, raw and real. I look forward to each episode. Juliet is beautiful inside and out. I am so glad I found you.”

Many women today feel like society, and other people tend to suppress their voice. Some become victims of domestic abuse, gender bias, scrutiny, and other forms of attack. Juliet Ramos hopes to empower women to overcome and create their own comeback story, which she maintains is the best form of revenge. 

BrokenGirl Unchained hosts guests like experts, professionals, celebrities, and everyday people to come and share a story of healing and persistence. The podcast gives women everywhere the tools and resources they need to solidify their place in the world. Many have shared their personal stories, insights, and lessons, which have shed light on some of the most sensitive topics around women’s abuse and empowerment. The show also sheds light on mental health and provides people from all backgrounds and races the necessary shifts to experience freedom from depression and an array of other mental disorders.

The website and podcast continue to grow a loyal following. As BrokenGirl Unchained expands, Juliet finds strength in the thought that she uses her past and voice to offer her platform to people who need encouragement and enlightenment. Consequently, Juliet Ramos has helped many women, and even men, move past their pain and transition into triumph. 

Juliet continually draws strength from her children as she dedicates her life to her work at BrokenGirl Unchained. She also started an online shop that offers an array of branded merchandise.You can follow BrokenGirl Unchained by visiting Juliet’s website, Spotify, and Instagram account.

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