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Brady and Danielle Houdashelt Revolutionizing the CBD and Hemp Industry through Hemp CBD Superstore

The popularity and acceptance of hemp are still in their early stages. To see anyone who decides to get into the business of hemp as an alternative to popular medical products is to see a community of people who have turned against them and called them names. For example, when Brady Houdashelt and Danielle Houdashelt started their company, Hemp CBD Superstore, they were called “crazy and stupid stoners.” However, the Houdashelt is not your typical stoners; they are the new power couple in the supplements and alternative wellness products.

The couple, Brady and Danielle Houdashelt, are entrepreneurs, businesses partners, and the founders of Hemp CBD Superstore, a mini-empire that is built around alternative products and predominantly hemp products, as well as innovating niches across numerous markets, including cannabis, hemp, honey, psychedelics, and mushrooms to name a few. Although operating primarily in the distribution, branding, and marketing for over seven years through Hemp CBD Superstore, the last five months has seen the couple establish four new brands operating in numerous markets thanks to the experience they’ve garnered over the years.

Brady and Danielle have proven their forecasting skills time and time over again by releasing niche products early into the market. They are best known for coming up with new products or a product idea that no other person is taking seriously, and within a short while, the product becomes the mainstay of the industry, and everyone is struggling to get in on it.

According to Brady, the decision to get into the industry and build their products and brand around hemp was motivated by the apparent lack of quality and consumer understanding in most of the products they offer. Therefore, armed with the knowledge of alternative wellness products, at the time, all they wanted to do was create well branded, high quality, consumer-friendly products that provide true experience at affordable prices. “When we say we are changing the product’s game, we mean it,” he stated.

When asked how the couple puts in the work and their contributions to the company, Brady said, “We both come up with new product ideas either together or separately. Once we do that, we brainstorm name and branding options. Danielle creates the actual artwork and websites to do the branding and labels.”

Danielle confirmed her husband’s role within the company, saying, “Brady creates the buzz around the brand and helps sell to retailers and distributors. We ‘yin and yang’ each other’s skills and work perfectly for our consumers. We can launch brands in under a month typically.”

Having churned out products such as the Blazin Beez Mad Honey in the psychedelics space, combining mushroom extracts and nootropics for mushroom supplements, and most importantly, Cannabis and hemp products such as the Alt Cannabinoids hemp. The revolutionary power couple is on their way to normalizing the use of alternative wellness products.

In five years, Brady believes the company would have scaled considerably well enough, and by then, he hopes they will be innovating any and everything as long as they see a gap in the market.

“We do not commit to staying inside one sector of a market. We have our eyes on creating a better world for the future right now. If you know anything about us… we do whatever it takes to get the job done,” he said.

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