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Bored Doge NFT Looks to Lure in More Crypto Enthusiasts

If Doge is the people’s cryptocurrency, Bored Doge NFT is the people’s non-fungible token. Bored Doge Club creators believe that they represent a large group of people bored in life. “We aren’t champions. We aren’t heroes. Hell, we aren’t good at anything. We’re just bored, and we’ve got nothing to lose. We believe 1 Doge = 1 Doge. We believe in waking up late, quitting work, playing video games and, of course, buying Doge,” said one of the founders in an interview. A real community of Dogecoin Holders exists. They persist in not selling; they support each other. 

The artistic designs of Bored Doge Club are the products of some of the most brilliant and world-class artists, crypto experts, masterminds, and 200 IQ marketing experts. It necessitates producing a mass collection of 8,989 incredibly realistic 3D Doges. Each detail of an artwork is developed for hours by numerous artists working hand in hand to achieve the highest quality result they achieved. The image and feel of their Doge are purposely Bored, which is very a laborious look to achieve. But once they got it, they knew that it was what they were all aiming for. The founders realized that it is the kind look people all share at least once a day, making it a product of the genius mind. All people can relate to the Bored Doge. The Doge was the same one, but now there’s the Bored Doge Club.

The Bored Doge Club believes that, in reality, people can’t always be happy or full of energy because sometimes people are Bored. However, they believe that people have the right to be and deserve to be accepted. If one joined the community of the Bored Doge Club, one would see that their culture feels like that of a brotherhood where everyone is rooting for everyone no matter what happens. “When someone’s buddy gets rich on Doge, they buy Doge. When Doge crashes, they still buy Doge. When Elon Musk pumps the market and launches Doge-1 into orbit, they buy Doge. Not just to hold and not for the memes but for the sake of buying Doge,” says one of the founders. 

One of the unique characteristics of Bored Doge Club is its exclusive and engaging community and a very defined identity. Their social media networks have been consistently growing. They have announced that their Discord community reached the 150,000 mark in terms of having members in just a matter of four days. The project’s founders are also currently searching for people who believe that sometimes you’ve just got to flip off the whole universe and see what happens. In the Bored Doge Club, they want to bring more people together, not only Dogecoin enthusiasts but also all who are convinced in the power of hold and community. 

Ultimately, they want to unite these people around their brilliant and realistic art. They want to bring together people who see themselves in their Bored Doge, in their Bored look, as everyone experiences from time to time. They firmly believe that everyone could find themselves in their community, feel accepted, and feel like they could be themselves. 

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