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Blood Moon Introduces a Pack of Hungry Werewolves to the NFT World

A slew of werewolves are starting to terrorize the non-fungible token world, and it’s quickly turning into a feeding frenzy. Collectors are starting to flock to the digital artwork’s unveiling doors. The collection’s name is Blood Moon, a digital artwork collection that looks to bring in a unique set of these creatures and help raise a community around its mythical world.

Blood Moon brings the legendary werewolf to the NFT world through a group of uniquely created artworks by a top-tier group of artists, developers, and marketers. The team brings a whole world to life, gearing up for its launch on November 13. While the storyline is grim, it seems to be growing a steady following as holders and investors join the NFT’s virtual community every day. On Instagram, the collection already has over 10,000 followers. Another 9,000 plus make up a strong Twitter following. 

The non-fungible token collection brings to life a fictional world where humans have risen against a brood of wild werewolves who have been terrorizing villages for as long as civilization can remember. Suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted in this narrative that seeks out individual werewolf characters with personalities and unique characteristics. 

Part of the fictional world is a rare collection of immortal werewolves that can only be killed when their enchanted necklaces come off. For thousands of years, people thought that the Huntsmen of the North had killed off these legendary immortals. But it seems they’re appearing once again in the famed NFT collection Blood Moon.

With every werewolf NFT, collectors get a whole new snapshot of the mayhem of this world at war. As the mints go out, the Blood Moon team has promised to reward its community as the collection gets sold. As per the NFTs website, the team behind the NFT will give away one free Ethereum to an NFT owner for every 1,000 tokens minted. 

Once 25% of its collections selling volume gets minted, the company will give out five free Blood Moon NFTs. Another ten will go out upon reaching 50% volume and another ten to get airdropped to another set of winners once the community takes up 75% of the mints. Once the Blood Moon hits its full phase, the leadership team behind the NFT will release a merch store that will stay exclusive to its holders.

Non-fungible tokens have been a growing opportunity for artists everywhere. The blockchain-based approach to art creation has introduced a whole new approach to digital art collection. Because these artworks get stored on individual ledgers on a peer-to-peer system within crypto-based mints, each artwork carries a unique intrinsic value that makes its value go up as collections sell out on virtual networks.

Many investors and collectors have been cashing in big-time through NFTs, with some reportedly getting sold or traded for valuations that range from a few thousand dollars to a few million on some occasions. With the world of possibilities that each NFT collection faces, there’s no knowing which contracts could become the next top-selling piece. Blood Moon seems to be on a good momentum as it promises a set of artworks that all have distinct looks to them, much unlike most offers today that feel derivative and similar from afar.

To learn more about Blood Moon,  visit the non-fungible token’s website, Instagram profile, and Twitter account