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Bad Bears Announces Epic Giveaway—A Trip to Outer Space

NFT projects have been dropping game-changing giveaways since the beginning, and they just get bigger and bigger as time goes by. Bad Bears is releasing what appears to be the most epic giveaway yet—a chance to win a trip to outer space. The epic outer space trip giveaway will be worth $125,000 and will be given to the first of the three lucky winners to be selected on March 8, 2022. The first winner can also choose a one-time drop of $75,000 in ETH. Meanwhile, the second and third winners will be given $15,000 of ETH and $10,000 of ETH, respectively. 

Bad Bear NFT holders will automatically qualify to enter the giveaway, but the number of entries varies depending on the number of NFTs the investors purchase. The more NFTs a holder acquires, the more entries they will have. Having such unmatched giveaways in store, Bad Bears is already gaining traction in the NFT space, and NFT enthusiasts are quickly making their way to the project’s Discord server to become part of the Bad Bears community.

Bad Bears features 5,555 NFTs equipped to dominate the metaverse. Each one is developed with a one-of-a-kind tokenized ERC-721 token and will be built and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, each NFT will be worth more than its floor price. Ten percent of the profit from the initial Bad Bear mint and royalties are allocated to the Treasury DAO. Holders of the Genesis Bad Bears are entered into this DAO and will get to vote on crypto projects, and blue chip NFTs the community should invest in. 

In addition, Bad Bears can evolve using the unique consumables the founders will be releasing through Bear Labs. The lab is set to periodically release serums, viruses, and crazy technology that will add perks and cross-chain compatibility to the NFTs. The drops can be purchased using $MSK, the official ERC-721 token of the Bad Bears universe. The $MSK tokens will be distributed to Bad Bear holders without compromising the intended fixed supply. They will be replenished by users when purchasing items in the Bad Bears metaverse, along with buybacks from the team. The token also gets holders whitelisted for the Bad Bears Genesis launch. Furthermore, spending $MSK adds to the passive yield fund of the project. Bear Labs will also drop highly anticipated projects, such as the Bad Bubs and the VX Metaverse Bears. 

Besides its awesome giveaways and utilities, Bad Bears also provides owners access to VIP sections of IRL A-List parties to be hosted by the founders worldwide. Holders will also be given full commercial rights and usage to their NFTs, which they can leverage to produce logos, shirts, and other merchandise. 

Bad Bears is created by three innovative minds who all have their fair share of experience and knowledge on NFTs and the ever-evolving metaverse. Tony Marchuk has been a serial entrepreneur specializing in product development, software, and UX for over a decade now. Rob Paslaqua has a strong background in sales, marketing, and NFTs. Finally, there’s Joe Hill with his experience in international finance and accounting with deep knowledge in cryptocurrency. Together, the trio aims to produce something far more ambitious than what has previously been seen in the NFT space. With an amazing array of giveaways so far, Bad Bears genuinely live up to expectations.