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Autoflower Seeds Are Giving Cannabis Growers the Most Stress-Free Growing Experience

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The variety of cannabis strains available on the market has grown dramatically in recent years. Most gardeners are interested in the newly developing autoflower cannabis seeds. Autoflowering genetics are a blessing to many inexperienced cannabis farmers since they provide faster harvests and are simple to cultivate. Here’s all you need to know about autoflowering cannabis seeds and why they are stress-free while growing them.

An overview of autoflower cannabis seeds

Autoflowering strains take advantage of the cannabis subspecies ruderalis to create plants that grow and bloom regardless of the light schedule or photoperiod. This implies that they blossom based on age rather than the number of hours of light and darkness (thus the name). This is because ruderalis originated in Central Asia, where the light conditions varied somewhat. As a result, autos are particularly beneficial as outdoor crops, as they may be harvested much sooner than photoperiodic plants. Autoflowering cannabis is also shorter, making it more controllable in various situations. Furthermore, it is typically more durable, appealing more to new growers.

Various reasons why autoflower seeds have hassle-free growing experience

Autoflower seeds are a must-have for anybody looking for the simplest way to cultivate cannabis. These cannabis strains are ideal for novices since they do not require a specific quantity of light to develop and bloom. Here are common reasons why growing autoflower cannabis seeds is hassle-free:

Faster life cycle

Autoflowers have a much shorter life span than photoperiodic strains. Depending on the strain, photoperiodic cannabis might take up to 4 months or more to mature. However, autoflowering cannabis is often ready for harvest 8-10 weeks following seed germination. This means you won’t have to wait as long to harvest your prized buds. This is especially important for producing Sativa strains.

Photoperiodic Sativa might take five months or more to mature. If you choose an autoflowering Sativa, the earlier harvest time is a huge advantage. This is mostly for both indoor and outdoor growth. Outdoors, the shorter life cycle makes a significantly bigger impact since you can grow many runs instead of just one.

Easy to cultivate

Autoflowering seeds have the strong DNA of ruderalis, making them simpler to cultivate. These plants are more durable and naturally endure colder conditions, so you don’t have to monitor the light schedule. Ruderalis is adapted to growing in severe settings, and this feature is passed down to autoflowering hybrids. Also, they are resistant to a variety of cannabis illnesses. You will have less bother during your grow, which makes them especially beneficial for newbie growers who want to test their talents and learn their craft before moving on to more delicate cannabis strains.

You get more harvest per season

Since photoperiod plants rely on light and the shifting of the seasons, your harvest possibilities are restricted. Typically, you may only harvest two or three times each year (unless you reside on the equator). However, autoflower seeds give you greater freedom and more harvesting opportunities, regardless of the season.

You can get multiple harvests with autoflowering seeds, which typically implies two harvests each season in most climates. This is especially interesting if you grow in areas with short and chilly summers. The plants will complete in mid-July rather than September or possibly late October.

Continuous harvests

Although autoflowering strains cannot be kept as a mother plant to create clones, they are ideal for continuous harvests. Flowering independent of light hours eliminates the necessity for a mother plant. Also, plants of various development stages can coexist in the same space. Begin with a few plants, and when they begin to blossom, add more to the space for a constant harvest. You can plant the next seeds shortly before the first ones are harvested, and so on. Of course, the quantity of plants depends on your growing area. Overall, you may harvest up to 4-6 times yearly this way!

More ideal for stealth growing

Autoflowering strains are ideal for creating a well-hidden, covert plantation. Outdoor gardeners, in particular, have to keep their growth hidden from the authorities, nosy neighbors, thieves, and so on. With a 2m-tall Sativa cannabis strain, this will almost certainly result in catastrophe, with you getting busted as the worst-case scenario. However, a 1m-tall autoflower cannabis may be disguised amid tomatoes or stinging nettles, even if grown on a terrace or balcony. Furthermore, these traits make them highly appealing to all guerilla gardeners. Overall, autoflower cannabis seeds are quite discrete in their growth.

You don’t require to worry about the light cycle

Flowering independent of the light cycle isn’t only what gives autoflower cannabis seeds their name but also their most crucial characteristic. Producers do not have to worry about altering their light schedule to 12/12 at the appropriate moment to compel plants to bloom. Autoflowers will blossom with 12, 18, or 24 hours of continuous light.

Highly resistant to diseases and weather

Autoflowering strains are noted for their ability to endure colder conditions and have higher resilience to various cannabis illnesses. If you have problems with mildew, bugs, mold, fungus, or infections, consider growing an autoflowering strain the next time. You may spare yourself a lot of bother and frustration! Because of the ruderalis traits, the plants become tougher and more resilient, making them perfect for beginning gardeners and producers of all levels. They are also more tolerant of under or overfeeding.

They grow small and compact

Autoflowering strains often do not grow taller than 1-1.2m, a significant benefit for indoor and outdoor producers. If you cultivate indoors and have limited room or height, an autoflowering plant may be precisely what you need. If you grow outdoors and want a discreet, well-hidden grow, consider autoflowering genetics. Because of their small size, autos may be grown in cupboards, balconies, or garden beds, among other plants.

The quality of autoflowering cannabis seeds has improved dramatically in recent years and appears to be improving further. As a novice, it is best to experiment with different seeds and enjoy the growing process. Autoflower cannabis plants are not only fast-growing and compact, but they are also very resistant to disease, pests, and other illnesses. So, if the characteristics of autoflowering strains like Chocolope Auto or Blueberry Auto match your requirements, go for them.

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